Han Gengshai MIX won the praise of users millet Lei Jun has scars exposing other people

Users millet Lei Jun Han Geng

yibangdongliwang· 2016-11-07 04:41:47

MIX full screen, millet with full ceramic body, stunning design brighten, since the release of the media at home and abroad have scraper, continue to praise, especially the recent process of "holding photography" is also attracted a lot of stars have Slide Show.

yesterday afternoon, the star Han Geng on micro-blog in the sun out of a hand holding millet MIX photos, and said: this phone is a little cool play".

" Han Geng micro-blog

photo, Han Geng imitates the recent hot play, first with MIX millet shoot palm photos, then the photos in full screen and zoom to the uniform and holding, using other equipment to take pictures.

" micro-blog pictures

although gameplay is cool, but sharp eyed netizens could not help Tucao: just want to speak at the hellip & &hellip cool; eye; drunk, can tear up the mobile phone film after the shoot of &hellip …

; indeed, Lei Jun then forwarded Han Geng's micro-blog, and put forward with users consistent view: it should be millet MIX protective film removed.

Lei Jun micro-blog interactive

but not the end of things, there are sharp tongued friends did not forget the scars that exposing the joke at the same time: remember when Geng Phone?

Han Geng was a propaganda to 2 generation, 3 generation, now the mobile phone had no audio, presumably Han Geng when the sun millet MIX also did not think that we will mention g Phone!

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