Japanese media: China's VT5 light tank debut in Zhuhai and a mystery of the tank related

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· 2016-11-07 07:41:19

[military] global network reported on November 3rd according to the Japanese foreign scholars website reported that in November 2nd, the main land China weapons manufacturer China Northern Industrial Company in Zhuhai China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition on the first public display is called a VT-5 export version of the new light tank.

this new tank weight is more than and 30 tons, compared with 42 tons of ZTZ-96 MBT lighter. The weight of the tank that it can be used for mountain operations, can not enter in heavier MBT terrain activities. Like most other light tanks, VT-5 is most likely to be used for reconnaissance and infantry support. According to

, the tank can be equipped with advanced composite armor and explosive reactive armor. IHS Jane's information group said: "the Zhuhai airshow display sample in the turret side and the body side is provided with a special armor. This provides better protection against rocket propelled grenades and similar weapons with high explosive anti tank warhead."

the tank is said to have a 105 mm gun with a heat insulation sleeve and a smoking device. May Chinese and other main battle tank gun similar VT-5 gun can launch laser guided missile. In addition, VT-5 is equipped with advanced fire control system, and has automatic loading machine.


is said to be a variant of the ZTQ light tank, ZTQ tank photos first appeared in 2010. The ZTQ tank is almost can not find any public information, this tank is served in the PLA and the future will be how much can make nothing of it, how many ZTQ tanks in the PLA also can make nothing of it now. Some sources said the PLA intends to deploy 300 such tanks.