Experts oppose the United States rocket refueling approach for manned flight

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· 2016-11-07 07:41:23


in Washington in November 1, Xinhua (reporter Lin Xiaochun) in September this year, the explosion process of American SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket fuel filling on the launch pad in the. A NASA Advisory Committee believes that the company's rocket "refueling" there are security risks, and the company plans to use the same "gas" in the future implementation of manned missions to warn against.

"Falcon 9" rocket "super cooling" fuel, which means that the Rockets can carry more fuel in the case of constant volume, which has the ability to launch more, can carry more load. But the problem is that about half an hour before the launch of the rocket in order to fill the fuel, if it is manned flight, the astronauts in the rocket, refueling, had to be in place before the spacecraft.

according to the "Wall Street journal" reported on 1, the NASA International Space Station Advisory Committee recently on the space exploration technology company plans to this "refueling" mode for manned flight of a strong warning. Chairman of the committee, has participated in the Appollo program, a senior astronaut Thomas Stafford said, this is a dangerous operation, has been questioned by many experts and experienced people.

reports also said that Staffordshire, last December had sent a letter to NASA, points out that the astronauts in the rocket "refueling" must be in place before violates the relevant emission policy internationally for decades. So, the committee unanimously opposed the use of space exploration technology company, the rocket "refueling" way for manned flight.

space exploration technology company founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur Elon Mask in 2002, is headquartered in California, is at a low cost launch with the national leading space agency competition, seize the commercial launch market, the United States is the representative of the commercial aerospace enterprises. NASA is employing space exploration technology company to transport supplies to the international space station, also plans to hire the company to perform manned mission.

at present, space exploration technology company is still investigating the cause of the rocket explosion in September, focusing on the investigation of the second stage of the rocket helium gas cylinders. The company issued a statement in October 28th, said the suspect is a helium gas cylinders in the process of cracking caused by the explosion accident.

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