Why is hard to find "true dried meat floss dried meat floss bread"? A huge difference and dried meat floss

Dried meat floss dried meat floss volume price loose hand cake.

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on the market a lot of dried meat floss bread composition are marked with

. Pine is by pea powder mixed meat powder made of

recently, some members of the public broke the news that the vast majority of products on the market sales of dried meat floss ingredients for pork flavor soy flour "loose", this song has nothing to do with raw pork, pea powder and pork flavor mixture". Beijing Youth Daily reporter survey found, added a little meat powder loose posing in dried meat floss stuffing, baking is almost an open secret in the industry. Manufacturers in order to reduce costs, the use is not really a dried meat floss.

in this regard, the food industry experts said that at present there is no uniform standard of dried meat floss products, if the powder or loose powder as the ingredients, but the product name is the name of "dried meat floss" name, this practice of consumer fraud, once discovered can be reported to the relevant departments.

no "dried meat floss" dried meat floss bread?

yesterday a huge difference and dried meat floss, at a convenience store on the road in the yaojiayuan baked food shelves, BYD reporter saw a row of stacked above the net content of 110 grams, with eye-catching font "positive dried meat floss bread". Break bread, found in the stuffing "basic for powder, dried meat floss" fine fiber. At the same time, BYD reporter noted that in the back of the package list of ingredients, the main ingredients that this "dried meat floss bread" as "beef flavor powder loose" by mixing chicken, pea powder, monosodium glutamate, food additives and etc..

BYD reporter search "in the online sales platform dried meat floss", "dried meat floss" price from about 10 yuan a pound to 50 dollars a pound.

is a brand of "gold sales to dried meat floss products store said, this" 5 pounds of dried meat floss "the price is only 45 yuan, can be used for baking, making hand cake, sushi and cake etc.. But in the list of ingredients, but marked the "product" is the dried meat floss "pork meat loose" with pea powder and chicken based materials. The merchant said, "this dried meat floss" (Wan Dou) powder more".

at the same time, a sale of a brand produced in Fujian, dried meat floss, dried meat floss for the price of 58 yuan / Jin Merchants told reporters BYD, the kind of 10 yuan a catty "dried meat floss" are mostly sold to "do business", such as "what hand grasping cake", and suggested that reporters of their own to eat or bought a little". Reporters asked the reason, he asked: "you have to think about how much money a pound of pork".

and what is the difference between the loose meat dried meat floss? A manufacturer in Luoyuan County of Fujian Province Food Co. Ltd., told reporters BYD, dried meat floss is composed of chicken, pork or beef and other meat after the removal of water made of powder, but the meat is loose pea powder made by mixing part of meat, the production cost and nutritional value gap. Add more flour more expensive, relatively speaking, although the flour will not cause harm to the body, but its nutritional value will be much lower."

"2.5 pounds of meat 1 kg pine

in order to reduce the cost of meat loose into the" double "

of the bakery and the market dried meat floss bread, dried meat floss, dried meat floss cake roll, the fillings are real dried meat floss?

to a bakery in Beijing wholesale supply dried meat floss Fang told reporters BYD, he currently supply bakery basically all is the use of meat loose, and said that if reporters need pure meat, he needs to purchase separately. Wholesalers said, "pure meat cost is too high, now mostly use" dried meat floss "made from soybean or soybean powder mixed with meat, soybeans can be an artificial meat, so fiber meat taste, taste is the taste of the meat."

wholesalers to BMC reporters, "filling the dried meat floss bread flour will generally use a higher proportion of the meat loose," the powder more, as the filling is not obvious, but not in the show and silk, can see". Then, wholesalers to BYD reporters recommended a suitable for filling the called "golden pine" and "dried meat floss" raw materials, but it is actually "pea powder loose", the wholesale price of 7.25 yuan per catty.

then, wholesalers also BMC reporters recommend two "with shredded meat more, can be sprinkled on surface of" spicy loose bread "meat loose, but this two loose meat price of 22.6 yuan per kilogram, compared to the use of loose meat stuffing per kilogram of 15.35 yuan higher.

of different meat loose "post" from where? Luoyuan County of Fujian Province, a dried meat floss manufacturer, meat loose "post" to look inside the flour and meat ratio. He said that 7 yuan a pound basically is full of flour, mixed with food additives to make the taste of meat, "this' powder, dried meat floss" taste a lot worse".

manufacturers also introduced, in accordance with the wholesalers requirements, they can produce flour and meat any ratio of dried meat floss ", but the pure meat will be much more expensive," pure chicken 23 yuan per kilogram, pure pork 25 yuan per kilogram". In this regard, wholesalers explained, "making the cost price higher real dried meat floss, basically 2.5 pounds of meat to produce 1 pounds of dried meat floss". In addition, the wholesaler told reporters BYD, in accordance with the flour and meat prices, basically as long as the ratio of 15 yuan a pound of meat pine, can "eat" meat ", also can have a pure sense of the dried meat floss silk".

there is no uniform standard of

products such as dried meat floss loose meat posing as fraud

of the dried meat floss maker told BYD reporters, even the pea meat 7 yuan a pound of "loose", which will also contain a small amount of meat, flour is not completely, "this is because the manufacturing industry has dried meat floss the relevant provisions".

, Chinese food industry commentator Zhu Dan Peng said, the dried meat floss raw material producers while follow certain industry standards, but the products dried meat floss, there is no uniform national standards.

BYD reporter search found that the production of dried meat floss should follow SB/T/10281-1997 standard, the standard to make the following definition: "dried meat floss" for livestock and poultry meat as raw material, after boiling, skimming, seasoning, soup, fried fluffy, rubbing loose muscle fibers made of loose meat flocculent. The meat is "loose" by livestock and poultry meat as the main raw material, after boiling, skimming, mincing, seasoning, soup, fried pine adding edible oil and the amount of fried flour made of granular meat products".

can be seen from the production of raw materials for "dried meat floss" and "loose meat" is not the same kind of products, and in the "shape", "color", "taste and smell" the indicators are different.

but BYD reporter noted that the majority of products such as dried meat floss dried meat floss bread "" standard "to" GB/T20981-2007". In contrast to the standard rules found that adding meat bread should belong to "other bread" category, "only with taste and taste of product standards, no smell, and the food stuffing GB/T 21270-2007 standard, also did not" make more filling dried meat floss "detailed requirements.

because of Zhu Dan Peng said, meat products: the lack of uniform standards, so there were some businesses under the banner of "dried meat floss bread" sign to sell the meat loose products chaos, and currently this kind of illegal behavior, it is difficult to get effective supervision and containment. But Zhu Dan Peng said that the business of this cry up wine and sell vinegar ", actually has alleged consumer fraud, consumers once found, can be reported to the relevant departments.

Zhu Dan Peng also reminded, in order to add meat flavor, the meat loose meat usually contains a small amount of food additives, although little harm to the human body, but if accumulated to a certain amount, will affect the health. In addition, as ordinary consumers, in fact it is difficult to add meat additives "meat loose" and really distinguish his advice, dried meat floss, can be distinguished from external factors such as price or brand. "The big brand, the higher the price, is usually guaranteed." (Zhang Ya intern reporter Cheng Xinru)

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