Japanese media: China's 056 type of light 6 weeks to protect the water

Chinese hangar launchers ammunition

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" data figure: Navy type 056 frigate sea live fire exercises

according to the Japanese foreign scholars website on November 4th citing "Jane's Defence Weekly" reported that the fortieth ships of 056/056A type "Chinese River Island" class frigate on October 28th in Guangzhou Whampoa  shipyard launched. The Chinese navy is launching a massive Modernization Act to rapidly expand its maritime power.

just a month ago, the Chinese Navy thirty-ninth "River Island" class escort just in Wuchang Wuhan shipyard. Prior to this, the level of the other two ships launched in Lushun South Liaoning shipyard in September.

reports that the October 28th launch of the ship is the twelfth ship built in Whampoa  shipyard. Another 3 056/056A type "River Island" class destroyers are currently in the completion of the construction of the sea after the test phase, or are in the shipbuilding plant installation equipment. The final installation of each of the ships and the sea trials usually takes about a year or so. At present, Whampoa  shipyard at least one of the "River Island" class destroyers will be officially joined by the end of this year, the navy battle sequence. Other shipyard 3 other frigates may also be in 2016.

reported that the Chinese navy is currently put into use 056/056A type River Island class destroyer has 27. It is said that the Chinese Navy plans to build a fleet of up to 60 ships of this class. According to the Navy analysts say, every 6 weeks will have a 056/056A type of "River Island" class destroyer. As previously reported, in June this year, was named Qujing ship of the twenty-sixth ship Island River class frigate (hull number 508) entered service China South China Sea fleet, will be deployed to the disputed Paracel Islands.

is currently in the Chinese Navy 27 ship "River Island" class frigates, about 14 vessels is 056A, that is to say anti submarine warfare capability they have stronger.

reported that the anti submarine warfare variant in addition to 4 gold eagle -83 anti-ship missiles and a 76 mm gun, is equipped with two sets of 3 324 mm torpedo tubes and variable depth and towed sonar, the ship's flight deck can also be designed to perform anti submarine missions and direct military -9 helicopter. But this is not the frigate helicopter hangar, which indicates that the ship is difficult to stay equipped with sonar hoist helicopter escort in 056A.

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