Is the white thing in Shen Mengchen's chin a prosthesis?

Barry prosthesis foreign body white

tanzi· 2016-11-07 14:02:22

Shen Mengchen is really the most divine circle of female star ah, from her P to her legs with slag to her makeup you are very interested in playing black waves, she sometimes can not help but make people laugh from black, hehe, really is a cheerful sister paper.

" is not what Shen Mengchen recently attended the show, but the amazing thing happened, users found Shen Mengchen laughing, chin looked so strange, it is said that like, like prosthesis?! What is this? But the picture did not look really like

" means that it is still so obvious, chin prosthesis, after all, before Shen Mengchen Chin a is "tender cow five", "

" then in the latest issue of the fast, mango, really "male" all of the guests, Shen Mengchen and Du Haitao on the show and several tons of food is not to say, in the punishment of the link, magical things happen again ah, I stay!

" the thing is, Shen Mengchen being punished, by the strong wind blew open your mouth, don't blow blow open does not matter, there is an unknown white matter Shen dream Chen mouth ah, what is below the gums the white stuff?

" watch it again, it is never teeth, teeth in the above

" and Du Haitao's mouth is good, no what white matter

<" /p> I saw several days, said more and more broad netizen that is afraid ah, oral ulcers, as well as friends thought it could not be chin prosthesis wound, because even the wound will soon heal the scars, and after a long time I can not see the basic

" style= eat melon friends said is true, then Shen Mengchen chin that white in the end is what ah?

" don't tell me I was chewing gum, although sometimes brother deliberately put chewing gum gum gum, but the only brother Tang Yan

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" but think of the brother sister paper along the way has been not easy to black, no matter what sister paper is very beautiful with

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