Insiders broke the news: four curved screen HUAWEI concept phone exposure

HUAWEI millet mobile phone surface

ITzhijia· 2016-11-07 14:09:45

11 Sept. 7, we know that millet MIX full screen concept mobile phone shortly before the release of the industry praise, this millet won a good reputation at the same time that the company in terms of innovation and research and development efforts. In fact, in addition to millet, other domestic manufacturers are also preparing for the concept of design and technology in advance of the concept of products.

, according to well-known industry analyst Pan Jiutang broke the news, HUAWEI will release a concept phone next month, the machine is even more powerful than just released HUAWEI Mate9 flagship phone.

said, HUAWEI's mobile phone concept will use four curved screen Samsung custom, and also equipped with a large number of sensors, artificial intelligence support function, performance and function design, all very exciting.

addition, pan jiutang also revealed that HUAWEI mobile phone concept is directly led by the HUAWEI CEO Xu Zhijun retire 2012 main laboratory to participate in the future mobile phone, seeing the real machine people say very flamboyant. This is the first

mobile phone exposure HUAWEI concept, from the term "four curved screen, the mobile phone screen than is likely to be higher than millet MIX, and may even be close to 100%, if it is true, is amazing. Now basically can be determined, the concept of mobile phones will be released in December, would like to feel not the same as black technology friends just a little longer to endure it.

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