Dhaka airport in the event of a knife to kill 1 dead 3 injured

Dhaka knife stabbed security murder police

· 2016-11-07 14:31:41

" on 6 November, Xinhua news agency, Dhaka (reporter Liu Chuntao) Bangladesh capital Dhaka International Airport in the evening of 6 knife killings, the events leading to a security personnel were killed and another 3 people were injured.

attackers have been arrested, but the police have not yet announced details of the attackers, the motive is not clear.

police said the attackers tried to enter the airport passenger departure area. Security personnel found that he did not have the relevant documents to prevent him from entering, the attacker then a knife stabbed a security personnel, the security personnel died in the hospital due to injuries, and another 3 security personnel have been stabbed. After the incident, the police fired at the direction of the attacker, and control of the injured attacker.


1, Bangladesh serious terrorist attacks. Since then Bangladesh to strengthen security work in important places, the airport security work is also significantly strengthened.