The driver approached the school car the way to 200 yuan hard costs

The daughter of fulicheng approached the pupils

ningxiaribao· 2016-11-07 14:34:15

司机搭讪小学生 上车带路给200元辛苦费

"on Friday afternoon to pick up the kids from school, encountered a strange thing, have to pay 200 yuan of money a daughter in the car the driver asked me to show him the way." In November 6th, a Yinchuan city Xingqing District Housing decimating city Xu Liqi told reporters.

November 4th, Xu Liqi, as usual to pick up the experimental primary school in Yinchuan, the five grade school daughter. Along the south side of the street lane, Xu Liqi went to a small table for her life time, seeing his daughter is a strange car driver. She calls to her daughter, the driver sped away.

"the daughter said that the driver does not know how to go to Zhongshan Park, to pay 200 dollars to let her in." Xu Liqi felt the driver's behavior is dubious, hang Ning A license plate did not know where Zhongshan Park, and 200 yuan for fee is too high, I suspected of trafficking in children."

lives in Hai District Chen Ying told reporters, she was in the sixth grade primary school on Shaw's daughter, half a month ago encountered a passers-by, said do not know how to go to the drum tower, let her daughter to the car the way, 200 yuan fee. Because her daughter anxious class outside the class, refused his request. Tell her to go home after Chen Ying broke out in a cold sweat.

Yinchuan experimental primary school teacher Liang Qing warned that children want to do a good thing to help other people's good nature is easily used by criminals. Parents should remind the child, not on a stranger's car, don't talk with the stranger, so as not to be deceived. (Zhang Xiaohui)