Baidu gives Li Mingyuan a chance to corrupt?

Baidu Li Mingyuan opportunity IPO

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" did not think there are still people with Baidu's acquisition of hao123

hao123 said: "to that year but accounted for 40% of Baidu's revenue flow, broken million, only sold 50 million yuan. 91 mobile phone assistant hedeheneng, a pirated software, Baidu has spent $1 billion 900 million acquisition, there must be a problem, Li Mingyuan must engage in corruption".

Baidu in 2004 before the listing price of how to buy hao123? This problem has been considered the founder of Lei Feng Lin Jun China Internet four big mystery, but in fact he is Chuaizhuo understand confused.

hao123 founder Li Xingping is a grassroots webmaster, Guangdong and Meizhou, Meizu boss Huang Zhang is a fellow. This person junior high school graduates to go to the Internet bar when the network management, according to the small city Internet users can not remember the site of this problem, the invention of the web site.

2004 Li Xingping sold the site, because he happened to have some trouble. At that time the Internet habits of everyone is not good, the Internet is also not perfect supervision. Users just need a maximum from a specific type of Web site, hao123 promotion in this website, also some walking site diversion, which of course is illegal.

actually in the early stages of the Internet, the flow is not so clean. More than and 10 years ago, the Alibaba to push Taobao, because the opponent's eBay package under the NetEase, Sina, Sohu three major portals of advertising, Taobao went to find a lot of small and medium sites and webmaster alliance to do promotion.

these grassroots station a lot of netizens in the dragons and fishes jumbled together, looking for small film is induced to the " - Alibaba's shopping site" to find what "the lower left corner, or after registration you can receive an e-mail, there are a series of numbers, you can enter into the customers seeds. In fact, all is a lie. (old editor never cheated)

Li Xingping is a man of the people, him down easily. He went home and asked his wife, his wife said that Baidu to give a little bit of stock. So Baidu gave a little stock, hao123 bought it.

later, Baidu's stock Li Xingping did not sell a share, Baidu to all the cash used to buy Tencent's stock. Ten years after the book returns more than 20 times, outperforming Beijing, housing prices in Shenzhen, called the generation of god.

Li Xingping and his wife are very easy to meet, but the 91 mobile assistant is not the same. "Hu suggested light" too big to fail, they also have "pirated software users upload system" as a shield. Some complaints of infringement of intellectual property rights have been transferred to Fuzhou local company, basically also settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

and 91 mobile phone assistant investors inside IDG, Netdragon large shareholders listed in Hongkong, the list of investors there are Richard Lee, Liang Botao the Miss Hong Kong take celebrities also have the Singapore sovereign fund temasek. When Baidu acquired hao123 "heaven, earth and man" in this office does not exist.

the same night bright pearl, placed in the window of Zhou Dafu and was picked up by beggars, the price is certainly not the same.

today has 91 wireless CEO Hu Zemin publicly rumor, the high price of 91 is because the Alibaba's bid, Ali is also up to the $1 billion 800 million price, not what the internal transaction.

a lot of people to buy 91 mobile phone assistant to make groundless accusations the high price of $1 billion 900 million, as is Li Mingyuan transfer of interest charges. This makes Li Mingyuan very angry, in the circle of friends was refuted, even boasted to the rumors as Bug.

see here, I think he said the words are not enough for the letter. You graduated from a media university product manager, did not write a line of code, where will catch Bug?

but Li Mingyuan is indeed one of the last executives to know the deal. He was responsible for the acquisition and integration of 91 after 91, and responsible for the whole acquisition was responsible for strategic investment vice president Tang and song. Tang Hesong also want to acquire UC, but also the price did not talk about, and finally was Ali won.

Tang and song finish 91 acquisitions in 2013 shortly after his resignation, until the mid 2014 completed the transfer of reading before going to the United states. His farewell party, in addition to former Baidu colleagues, IDG people go up to.

IDG, latitude and longitude, Sequoia three IDG, VC in China's most established. But in the field of mobile Internet, compared to occupy several large track redwoods, and successive IPO exit through the cheetah, unfamiliar street Jingwei, IDG successful withdrawal of the case are not many, the $1 billion 900 million acquisition of 91, is the most worthy stage to get a table on the case said.

IDG so on Tang and song by courtesy. Even after the Tang and song to study in the United States, still become the IDG capital partners. Of course, this news is not in the country to be vigorously propaganda, and even the press releases are not, after all, how to see some embarrassment.

Robin Li's $1 billion 900 million drop down, Baidu became the first App distribution entrance, the share price doubled in two years, IDG has raised a new fund to achieve success and win recognition of people, have entered into a new partner, a large group of Hu Jianren obtained financial freedom. But the corruption is Li Mingyuan?

Tencent also turned out of the Li Mingyuan Association of the 19 companies, most of Baidu's or the integration of 91 mobile assistant established during the company. Participate in the enterprise's most important is Huang Taiji and called a duck two food and beverage brands, are individuals to vote for former colleagues.

is about Li Mingyuan's economic problems a lot of very strange, it is Baidu is put Li Mingyuan a horse, it is still possible to prosecute such shareholders.

want to know where the Baidu into the money is advertising sales and traffic alliance, the place is to pay the strategic investment department of the Ministry of public relations, the market. Baidu, who is the God of wealth, advertisers know that the webmaster know the media know developers know, only Robin Li didn't know?

Li Mingyuan is a person who is responsible for the transfer of the Baidu PC end flow to the mobile terminal, hand and money. You say Li Mingyuan corruption, it is like saying that you opened a company, the sale of not corrupt, procurement is not corrupt, financial corruption, but product manager corruption.

product manager, said the world where there is such a good thing?

no wonder everyone is going to be a product manager. All kinds of corruption cases in recent years and the

of Baidu, since 2012 four concentrated exposure, mainly appear in the Baidu money and money into these sectors: Baidu, Baidu Nuomi, Baidu game channel, Baidu Sales Department, enterprise marketing etc..

, of course, is mainly some of the level of corruption of the manager, the biggest tiger is the former general manager of the division of the Department of the Ministry of industry and Baidu Union Development Department Ma Guolin.

and vice president of Baidu is the most clean, not clean Wang Zhan, is Liao Jun's boss, but also because of violation of the occupation morals, damage the interests of the company, nor in the internal mail to economic problems, or even internal mail only sent to the director. Where such as Li Mingyuan fired off battle cipei, raise a Babel of criticism of, about 3000".

Li Mingyuan in the hands of the most likely economic problems of the business, one is the game business. He is the chairman of the 18183 game network. But Baidu game is after adjustment framework of December 2015 to Li Mingyuan MSG's back. Li Mingyuan wants to be corrupt, at least for years.

the other is a mobile distribution, he also voted for a number of possible benefits related companies. The first half of Li Mingyuan was preparing to set up a mobile division sales system this year, bypassing the original to the dragon, Wang Zhan created the Baidu sales, this is real money to someone else about the bag.

until this time, the chance of Li Mingyuan's corruption has finally arrived. But now being reported to have economic problems, not reported to the company dismounted.

in the end who reported it?

I do not look good is the development of Baidu's anti-corruption AI. The old

editor, first appeared in the WeChat public road news (laodaoxx), then there is a "big crafty loyalty person still in Baidu", attention quickly, wait for the update of

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