Meizu has launched this year, 11 new products, which you love the most?

Meizu new products the most love electricity suppliers

shoujizhongguo· 2016-11-07 17:42:45

[mobile phone China News] in 2015 Meizu has launched a charm blue, Charm Blue Note 2, MX5, Charm Blue 2, PRO 5, Charm Blue Metal six new products, and usher in the explosive growth. So far this year, Meizu has launched 11 new machines, including Charm Blue series has eight models, respectively, 5 blue charm Charm Blue U20, Charm Blue U10, Charm Blue E, blue 3, blue charm charm Charm Blue note3, 3S; MX Series A, is the flagship of the Meizu MX6 the Pro series this year; push out of two, a PRO 6, another for the camera and battery life and experience dramatically PRO 6s.

" at present, double 11 war platform including Jingdong, is started, the mobile phone also Meizu Pavilion, you do not know love Meizu burnish 6 month long PRO 6S ($2699), or a new generation of high premium machine Life Charm Blue 5 (699 yuan)?

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