The police encounter pengci categorically stop by machete wounds


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11 6 March (Sunday) at 15:10 PM, Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau, Huadu District branch of off-duty police officer leaves in the rest time driving private cars traveling to Pinbu road Ping Road, met a man holding a pipe deliberate collision of vehicles, suspected of deliberately creating traffic accidents pengci cases. To see such a situation, he did not hesitate, immediately parked the car on the roadside, get off to educate and stop the man's illegal behavior.

later, the man called a license plate for the Guangdong R***K5 black car, the car went down to two men and one woman, one of the men from the car with a machete attack and the officer leaves to be chopped. After that, three men and a woman driving the vehicle along the road from east to west to escape the scene. Event caused by leaf police officers left elbow and left back rib injury, by the hospital for treatment, wound for suture treatment, the injury is not serious. Class= img_box "

" Ye police officers were not injured.

after the incident, city and district two public security organs attach great importance to the organization and guidance of condolence case investigation, at the same time on police conscientiously perform their duties, the courage to play, the calm attitude to give high praise. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" city, district level two public security organs of the leadership of the police officer.

currently, Huadu police have set up a task force on the case investigation, the police solemnly urge the suspects as soon as possible to surrender to the public security organs, also called an informed public security organs of the masses to report clues. Telephone: 110

character overview

officer leaves, Communist Party members, in 1998 from the school after graduation, entered the Huadu police work, the Guangzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau Branch of Huadu District Traffic Police Brigade three squadron four sheriff. Since 2000, the officer leaves remained engaged in illegal activities, traffic order traffic investigation and handling traffic accident police work in front-line positions, because of practical work, heavy responsibilities, strict law enforcement, self-discipline, two times by the Guangzhou municipal public security bureau awards, won many awards and has been awarded the branch branch quarterly star".

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