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youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-11-07 23:28:50


11 2, EA official release of the new trailer "Andromeda" mass effect, and notice to N7 (November 7th) released more information of the game, but not until the official news website Best Buy shopping abroad reveal a lot of "information quality" the effect of Andromeda the official version of the game, including the Deluxe Edition and PC version of the cover, for the ordinary version of the cover, PS4 and Xbox One version of the deluxe edition cover.

" in addition to leaked official cover outside the game and we can also know something of "Andromeda" mass effect game content in Best Buy's presentation of goods.

in the "mass effect of the fairy", the player will travel to distant fairy Galaxy adventure. As a military training team leader, as a pioneer in the unknown game player will land for new homes and fight, it will be a new chapter of human epic, and the game player in the game to make the final choice will determine their fate.

players in the alien world to find a new home for humanity, will unlock the mystery of the galaxy's surprise. In the vast universe of adventure, the player will get acquainted with many interesting characters, which will be filled with all kinds of mysterious story and the conflict between galaxies. Through more flexible weapon upgrades and skill trees, players can create their own combat style in the game, calmly face the unknown alien enemies. In addition, the game will support 1~4 people online.

" with the release date information is not leaked, we have previously reported, due to leakage of Amazon books introduction page, "mass effect" Andromeda is likely to be released on March 21, 2017, but Blake Jorgensen, chief financial EA said the officer recently said, if you need more time to polish the "quality" of the quality effect of Andromeda, EA will delay the release date of the game.

detailed information, please look forward to the official EA N7 news, we will also be tracking reports.


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