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like net millions of royalties, the unauthorized Hyjal bear, please do not reprint

Hyjal is a good place, everything is thriving, is a bit strange. But in the northwest corner of the valley, is a soft, warm sunshine grass, for listening to the story of the place. Hello, I am Hyjal bear, welcome to listen to the story, or you can go to play next to the trampoline.

" in the last period presumably you have met Marcus, must wait to see more strength (shame) explosion (shame) content.

also drank the wine, cooking also eat. I turn the pen, and Marcus was the first to speak.

A: all right! You are also playing the word, how to ask such a question of no significance! Those stories are apocryphal! Apocryphal!

Q: what does it mean to call a date two times?

A: Oh, the little trick of role play. You know how easy it is to get girls in the mood.

Q: but these female characters have appeared

sure in your life I certainly say.

A: all right, of course.

Q: so the truth is?

A: Dianne is my first love...... Class= img_box "

Q": to tell the truth!

A: all right, it's a secret love...... After two years...... And then she moved away, and it was said that she had emigrated to the broken islands......

Q: beautiful sentimental love. It is a pity that I have no sincerity to

below the pen. See I don't write, he seemed to let their guard down. Besides, the resistance useful?

A: then Antusa is my task encountered in the underground mine at...... Quite good looking, a shot on my halo to death...... Class=

Q: and so on, the female ghost which good-looking?

A: you do not understand, in fact, to say that the body is good, but the female ghost...... (here is a plug-in shield 1000 words)

Q: oh! You guys have a little research! So what?

A: then I revived after giving her a kiss several times, to help me keep a tribal afternoon......

Q: so what about women? And the charm...... I heard that the evil spirit is actually male? Class= img_box "

A": don't mention it! After the tower Wei summoned Selena, immediately gave me the charm, and then stole all my money...... And clothes! I ran to remain unconscious throw in the middle of the sewer arena!

Q: Oh, it's so pathetic.

A: No, no, no, I would like to thank her. After that Dalaran girls on my favorability increased the hey hey hey. Occasionally, and sister to take the initiative to strike up a conversation with me hey hey hey

I glanced at Marcus, he deliberately sat straight up a little.

Q: so the younger sister you're hitting on is the dwarf and the dwarf, right?

A: who said that!...... Lei Wei is really a dwarf, but she...... Very special! Class=

Q": you are saying that Lei Wei? Gentlemen, are you sure she is falling in love with you rather than take you to do the experiment? Well, what did she turn you into?

Marcus subconsciously flinched, it seems that it is indeed a bad memory.

A: now I'm fine! It was Parr and the silk that cured me! She is so kind and beautiful, lordosis after alice...... Class=

Q: how to break up?

A: I gave her a piece of jewelry......

Q: poor Marcus, don't you know that Delaney was born a jewelry expert? You spread the goods that is an insult to the her eyes!

A: actually, it's okay...... But after...... She wanted to let the elements join us when we were out......

well, I really start to sympathize with him now.

A: after I left the exodar, removed to pandaria. Later met Mrs. Guo Ya. She is very mature, charm...... It should be said that the race is very docile and friendly......

Q: but it's basically the main

A: Yes...... But Mrs. Guo is called a lady, there is a reason......

oh? I was leaning forward, and it is a confidential! You value a year card!

A: once she introduced the blood elf twins to me...... Blood elf speaks with a sexy accent! And floating operation! Almost! Pity ah...... They are very strange...... Class=

Q: strange?

A: Yeah, they're crazy about a thing called "pain in the dark"......

Q: gentlemen.

A: and then I tried several of the robots that I recommended to me...... But...... Experience is not very good, on the return of the. There are changes in the novel outline, then I met Tanzania amanda...... When writing this article I was Evans quanyong!

Marcus eyes looked at me, so I could understand that nod, inspiration spewing wonderful feeling.

Q: so you and Taurens couples how......

A": Tanzania is: find me first. After we had dinner in the store to Gaoling characteristics of a fish, she took me to her house for a cup of coffee "". Then...... She asked me a very warm taste "cheese homegrown"...... I was actually a very respectful woman, when she was a little to cry, i...... You know...... And unfortunately, Barkis rushed in......

(I shake my head. Boy, this is where the coincidence, we call it "Xian rentiao"?)

Q: so you're still keeping up with you?

A: Yes, and occasionally they will give me some greasy gifts...... It's very new to me, and it's very special...... So I press after they agreed to retain their original name......

Marcus has a little red face. With the beginning of the interview that his look like a different person. I sighed, dig enough gossip, serious reports to fill.

Q: let's go back to the report. I'm starting the recording now. So what is your idol?

Marcus seems to have not been out of the state of the talk, he was silent for a long time, I almost have to lose patience when he opened the.

"in fact, I was a member of the Argent crusade. After the prince of Alsace later, I left the army. (I noticed that he was still using the prince to call the Witch King)

I came back to the city, but the city was completely different from me. Is more than reconstruction after the war, the new port and the Embassy of pandaria. There are people. Almost all people are talking about the war, they are no longer worried about them on tenterhooks, what to eat tonight, what is the last time the queen planned a Christmas celebration, but whether the soldiers alive triumph expedition.

I am a man of little importance, not only in the career, so emotionally. My sister think I am stupid, they prefer to have the rank of man, this is understandable. In this turbulent era, an officer brings more than a rich food, and a sense of security. Yes, I can't give them a sense of security. But who can really give them a sense of security?

although the Lord Khadka has built enough solid defense, but this fear can not disappear. You see the woman on the street has begun to get used to wearing a sword belt. Do you know how many legs are tied with a dagger? What stays hidden in engineering bombs?

but I think I can do something about it? Let us forget the war, even if it is so a little while...... "

silence and the darkness of the night together, Ai Ze Lars. This brush with slick clown in horse coat curry favour by claptrap, inferior man, a fictional vulgar, erotic story, what he said, I do not know why want for the country, I am willing to believe him. I picked up the

snuff bottle, removed the video data of the interview, put on the cloak into the night. I think, I can do something in the hands of the pen.


Author: Hyjal bear

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Hyjal bear Ibunroku: Warcraft taboo love novel secret (below)