I don't need your praise to affirm my value.

The sense of value youth online psychological problems

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published: 2016-11-04 06:50 source: Youth Online Author: Chen Fang

road traffic was worrying, took out a mobile phone to send a circle of friends is to relieve congestion in the mood. Took a photo, full screen red brake lights, upload photos, short text has been written, choose to send the moment, I hesitated, and a word to delete a word, the final cancellation of the send. Why hesitation? I think at that moment, the traffic jam is the norm, every day, a circle of friends is not inviting a "way"? Only。

sometimes read before the circle of friends, it will be absentminded feeling. Happy, distressed, anxious, then a variety of emotions themselves can not wait to want to live". While looking while delete, delete the moment will think that how much nonsense?

I know that WeChat is different from the circle of friends and micro-blog, the first time, the circle is their own "trust", you publish every sentence, in fact, want to communicate with the people of this trust. But now look back, your life all the details out, or is their "talk to" is too strong, or that he is too hypocritical, brush the presence of desire is too strong. Probably don't want to say "nonsense", so when I made a circle of friends will not consciously weigh in the end there is no need. I do not care about the content of their hair to others have no value, I just subconscious considerations, the content of the content and whether they match this age. Weigh more than the number of hair, the circle of friends will reduce the natural frequency.

hypocritical disease to a certain age will heal, presence can try to find elsewhere. Sometimes too busy all day, did not brush circle of friends, do not feel lonely. But there is a time to see a news said, psychological experts said that the details of life over exposure, circle of friends to send frequent people, perhaps to hide some psychological problems. When you want to spring friends from time to time to talk, it is best to look at their own heart, whether there is a psychological problem to be solved. This analysis does not make sense, many people are probably can make nothing of it, will laugh. But do have to admit that in a hurry in the world, and sometimes let a person look at one of the eyes are wishful thinking, often made a circle of friends are lonely lonely people.

circle of friends in the end is not lively. WeChat on the line more than 4 years, more and more people rely on it to socialize, there are also more and more people to produce aesthetic fatigue. A lot of people say that they brush circle of friends less and less, because the circle of selling things, micro business more and more. What kind of people to build what kind of circle, circle of friends in the micro business too many can only explain the circle of stagnant at this level. Sharing and communication is one of the characteristics of WeChat circle of friends, I never despise those selling things of micro business, the media circle where I like, everyone put their articles forwarded to the circle of friends, is essentially a "sell", but "sell" the article or their own point of view.

also has a lot of people say that the circle of friends is not the original "circle of friends", have the social circle of friends became in fact the mail list, especially when the circle of friends into a "work circle, the circle of friends of the words is no longer a sense of freedom. What is this? Grouping, label, WeChat this function of everything, as long as you want to block certain people, you can block them an easy job to do.

all the excuses are just an excuse, set aside "the higher the position of people in the circle of friends is the silence" phenomenon does not say, most ordinary people in the circle of friends is also more and more silent, or after all you want from this "circle" away. Like "age can cure the disease, you need to build a" life has enough to support your inner world, no longer need others to share in. Comments, and how, perhaps people are busy with a few words on the way out of boredom, the point of praise may be just a glance at people, a little like it does not necessarily mean that someone else's heart for you to appreciate. A "gourmet" my friend said, he is in the way as friends punctuate praise, do not see the content, but from the beginning to the end ". WeChat

circle of friends has been 4 years old, it is from "private domain" evolution to today's semi public, in the field of public 1.5, mature person should follow a "bottom line": each hair circle of friends who have the responsibility to avoid to let in not suitable not suitable in the eyes of the audience. For example, before you bask in the baby, whether it is for good intentions, try not to let people do not want to see you do not want to see your baby. Friends in the circle of life will make people more mature, not rarely go to the circle of the sun life, but rarely through the sun to get a sense of existence. When you have enough self-awareness, you no longer need someone else's point of praise to be sure of their own value.

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