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Mobile Games fraud tricks dream

wangyiyouxi· 2016-11-08 05:43:08

whenever a popular game launch, there are criminals holding groups in crooked brains to new game player always cheat, which "posing as official" is one of the most common routines, as early as ten years ago the era of PC gaming, posing as the official release of fake winning information or welfare cases. It is often seen., the major media have there are numerous early exposure.

this is most old-fashioned trick, in more than ten years later still can successfully cheat. For example, Tencent's new shelves "fantasy Zhu Xian" game Mobile Games, landing App Store in November 2nd, has added less than a week. But in the channel forum, Baidu Post Bar community platform, there are a number of game player reported by deception and suffered losses, relatively light is the leakage of personal information, more serious is a direct loss of money.

according to the feedback information to the current point of view, the fraudster is mainly through the manufacturing simulation website, and in the game randomly distributed fake winning information, and to attract game player QQ friends, and then their QQ disguised as "fantasy Zhu Xian Mobile Games customer service", to ask for the game player winning identity information and a part of the cost. If the game player does not pay the fee, a liar will move out of public security intimidation.

" although this set of tricks are very old-fashioned, but the "fantasy Zhu Xian" Mobile Games community platform game player feedback did not deceived particularly low, that is to say that old tricks still let some game player caught. For this, the official also issued a notice to the Tencent to warn everyone not to be fooled.

" game is less than a week, there are so many game player in the old trick of "hit the pit", along with the continuous operation time of the game, another old trick "equipment for trading account thaw gold" may also be our new game player groups. Here we also remind the big housework must be careful, if necessary, prior consultation with the experience of the players or the official customer service.

: network game common trick of incomplete inventory

on account recharge:

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