Sell the company, he spent nine years in the temple, praising Ban Ki-moon's photo shoot "Oscar", the people want to be a monk

Ban Ki-moon Oscar

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the life always has many things,"

there is no utilitarian, no emotion,"

only calm.

morning 4, full of sleep,"

Muyu sound,

looked immediately get up.

monk who has to go out,"

walking in the heavy dew the stone on the road,"

steps of crushing, whispers.

looked slowly thereafter," margin:

is as low as press shutter.

Yunlin into one hundred into empty," margin: 0EM

Qingwen few ordinary clock back.

in the temple, and the monks with room and board, and a total of three mage. Through the lens, the record of the ordinary people can not go beyond the religious net. This day, looks like a 9 years.

in front of the more than fifty,

style= "eyes and

Minzui smile love uncle,

was all-powerful business elite.

nobody knew he was a photographer. With a photo, won the Austria Super Tour champion. This is the world's largest art photography, and the highest level of competition, known as the photographic industry, Oscar".

was born in a Buddhist shrine --"

Zhejiang Tiantai Mountain around," margin: 0EM

grew up listening to Sanskrit" margin: 0EM style=

and Buddha have indissoluble bound.

even later surf stores," margin:

looked still forget the Buddhist pure.

start empty-handed company decided to sell out.


love photography and Buddhism around,"

Tiantai Mountain Buddhist Institute invited

temple for photographs and archives.

from quiet and simple temple,

to the solemn buddha.

from the devout worship of the pilgrims,"

from the early morning in Apricot on the wall,"

the first ray of dawn.

to evening reflected in schungite Temple ridge on the

last wipe the sun.

light yellow volume,

wasteland bulyoung, huangruogeshi.

three years,"

looked so holding the camera,

has been shot, the shot ---

photographed himself from the impetuous becomes quiet.

mages with meditation, listen to the monks to talk. On the morning, meditation, photography...... Simple to the extreme Temple life, let out to appreciate that returning one pure.

also let him under the lens of everything,"

in light of natural yutie

clear transparent, full of zen.

the pictures that looked fame,"

about various commercial shoot unexpectedly, the

he was turned down one by one.

he still want to return to the mountain temple" margin: style=


looked again on the back of the camera. Style=

come to Lingyin Temple.

he didn't want to press the shutter and turned away, he wanted to capture the true spirit of Buddhist culture, the temple to restore a true life. Like a true monk, this is six years.

  style=" margin: 0EM 1em

dark haze hole,"

through time and space, "

looking scene in the meeting,

for Buddha, like a reincarnation.

the majesty of the Tripitaka" margin: 0EM style=

glass reflection and stacked to Buddha

main master a gown, floating, "

Master Hsing Yun for a lifetime,"

have not seen the Buddha,

he was fixed in the shadows.

clouds mountain colored," margin:

no flow mark.

a clean body.

looked with the lens," margin:

record of monks every moment,

in him, "

every morning, cleaning,

every time, minimum meditation ---


from ignorant to complete,

looked with light," margin: 0EM 1em; text-align: center; > every interpretation of zen.

Buddhist desert like" margin: style=

deep, 0EM 1em; text-align: center; > in his lens.

revert to the most common level.

also looked carefully studying Buddhist scriptures,"

for recording Buddhist relics.

he wanted it to be a bridge,

< P style= margin: 0EM 1em; text-align: center; > people to see a real buddhist.

he also hope that this is a mirror,"

can illuminate people's true heart.

looked hard and perception of the Dharma is Lingyin Temple 90 year old abbot recognized the old abbot that he moved to Abbot's Residence, and allow follow shot.

sincerity, purity and equality,"

compassion, be put down.

look with a pair of eye,"

looked to buddha.

six years long,"

a" Buddha's footprint ".

," margin: 0EM 1em; text-align: center; > looked works of Zen distant.

International Photography masters Robert Pledge commented:" gentle, ethereal, meaningful. It's so beautiful! People are full of imagination."

Japan famous photographer Takahashi Ayako commented:" Zhang Wangxian's works give people a sense of space and distance, a contrast, because he stood tall."

" Taiwan "photography world editor evaluation:"...... He has looked into the Zen attainments photography skills, such as theme, aesthetics, human performance, has gone beyond the realm of reach the acme of perfection."

more people moved in,"


British former assistant finance minister Chen Yonghong,"

even looking works in, found a spiritual home. In China, tonsure.

2012 in December, looking Buddhist photography art achievements, was invited to go to United Nations Headquarters to hold" Buddha's footprint "photography exhibition.

2013" around May, the footprint of Buddha "exhibition named a UNESCO World Cultural Conference and exhibition.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at work:" evaluation shows we must have faced with many complex problems in today's world of the spirit".

praise Pumianerlai, said: go around to support him, for the Buddhist monks as the ideal spiritual pursuit, extraordinary willpower embodied and in the process of pursuing and sacrifice a great shock.

for all method,

like dew, "

day return to dull.

looked still only a" progressive "photographer,

the commercial film, "

ten years ago by the meager savings business support.

one foot in Buddhism," margin: 0EM

in a secular.

with an absolute sincerity of torture," margin: 0EM

of goodness and beauty, fortune and misfortune ---

to do one thing, "

the result, "margin: 0EM style=

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