The first national beauty school beauty fox revealed 10 strong, Hu Yanbin Tong Dawei and other coming

Hu Yanbin Tong Dawei

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" Fox friends "as the Sohu news client heavy launch social products, brought together many big stars, fashion icon, a lot of talent. In the " Fox friends Halloween Party ", look at what you love the stars.

Tong Dawei ,, Cui Zhijia, Ge day more than ten Star Cafe, and watched hundreds of fans under the 10 campus goddess from 20 candidates talent shows itself in the final campus Belle," Fox friends of the national campus Belle "honor, hey turn Halloween Carnival Night scene.

hi! The fox friends Halloween party, Tong Dawei Ge days are coming.

GeTian help fox friend selected

" Fox friends "as the Sohu news client heavy launch social products, brought together many big stars, fashion icon, a lot of talent. They are "Fox friends" with pictures, video, share their positive, enjoy the fun of life, young people quickly detonated a dynamic fashion, has become a hot topic of entertainment gathering "margin:

10 a campus beauty won the" Fox friends national campus Belle "

, the most exciting moment, more than 20 candidates campus Belle debut, friends, fans to accept. Among them, the fluttering white sweet girl, also have skin white and beautiful long legs, and high cold queen fan children in Europe and america. Finally, Sun Jiaqi (username: another demon fox friend Suzy (Fox), friends suuji Username: Suki), Jin Yujia (Fox friend name: Yoga is Yu Jia), Nie Ti ya (Fox friend name: Tina Nie Tiya), Wang Ziling (Fox friend name: WZL Wang Ziling), Wang Yue (fox friend user name Yu Hui: baby) and Zhang Sijia (Fox friend Zhang Sijia Username: _SIJIA), Wang Yue (Fox friend Username: Little Yue Yue love travel) and Li Bairong (Fox friend name: little lazy love seven), Xuan Lu (Xuan Lulu fox friends Username: 10) the winner of the outstanding performance, won the "Fox friends on the spot national campus Belle" honor.

from guests hands, after took the award, iPhone7 award, the 10 campus goddess" the star Sohu homemade play opportunities. And to these School Beauty Awards star, also at the scene with their own "Fox friends account" to send them to congratulate.

next" campus Belle show, talent show "link More hot, full of wit, the goddess in the campus, Star Cafe, fan friends watched, all charm. From time to time broke the funny, zombie clown show, will be more carnival atmosphere to a climax.

Mr. Zhang Zhaoyang to crown

Sohu's" thousand live ", the" Fox friends watch the whole Halloween Party ", show real-time capture the goddess of beauty, red anchor Betta, pepper, panda, etc. the van poly broadcast platform, through mobile phone and broadcast way Users to share the wonderful moments of Carnival night.

" Fox friends "create a new

fashion, vibrant" Fox friends "social platform, Sohu news client news based on the realization of interactions between real users. Open Sohu news client, click to enter the bottom of the menu bar fox friends, the user can get a new mobile social experience.

in" Fox friends "page, first presented in front of the user is Timeline. The user can achieve a variety of communication functions share photos and video editing, forwarding small articles, concerned about the star friends, send private messages and so on. In order to protect the privacy of users, to prevent harassment, fox friends also intimate design of non mutual concern, can send 10 messages to each other, and other small features, favored by young users.

after updating, multiple versions of the function is perfect," Fox friends "by the massive user attention, cause popular in the younger age groups, attracted a big star, fashion icon, network Reds in the" Fox "friends to share the wonderful state of daily life , quickly become a hot topic of entertainment gathering.

Zhang Yuqi, Yin Xiaotian, Richie Ren, Xu Fei, Jin Dachuan, Fan Yichen, Gao Yunxiang, Lizzie, star, have been opened" Fox friends account. Just past the "Sohu news marathon" in the seventh season, the bursting of the popular star in "Fox" friends share a lot in Riyuetan Pool, enjoy the scenery along the road running free from pictures, short video, and running experience perception, frequently caused by netizens and fans attention and forwarding.

" news APP embedded in social function, is a very clever approach. Sohu news client not only meet the rigid requirements of users to read, but also by virtue of a strong appeal, as well as their own entertainment gene, in the "Fox" friends brought together a large number of stars, red net, to meet the needs of users of social fashion." Industry experts said.

the first" Fox friends of the national campus Belle contest "10 winners:

    2: Sun Jiaqi (username: another demon fox friend)

  • 5: Su Ji (Fox friend Suzy Username: Suki)

  • 7: Kim yu-jia1 (Fox friend name: Yoga is

  • 10: Nie ya (Fox friends with Ti Name: Tina

  • 12: Wang Ziling (Fox friend name: WZL Wang Ziling)

  • 14: Wang Yue (Fox friend name: woo Hui baby)

  • 17: Zhang Sijia Fox user name: _SIJIA), a friend of

  • 18: Wang Yue (username: Fox friend Little Yue Yue love trip)

  • 19: Lee Bai Rong (Fox friend name: little lazy love seven)

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