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Tesla will pay $1 billion 700 million to the Matsushita Battery manufacturing costs; Qualcomm announced fourth quarter earnings: net profit increased by 51% year-on-year; adjustment Investigation shows that most Windows users do not care about security issues; Microsoft Office released enterprise collaboration tool Team: "font-weight: bold style= Slack

Ali profit rose 55%, cloud computing, big entertainment business

Beijing time on the evening of November 2, 2016, the Alibaba group announced the 2017 fiscal year (July 1, 2016 to September 30th) second quarter earnings, revenue of 34 billion 292 million yuan ($5 billion 142 million), an increase of 55%; net profit of RMB 7 billion 75 million yuan ($1 billion 61 million), compared with the previous year's 22 billion 703 million yuan fell 69%. Based on non GAAP, net profit of 12 billion 949 million yuan (about 1 billion 942 million U.S. dollars), an increase of 41%.

, details are as follows:

Alibaba group revenue grew 55%, reaching 34 billion 292 million yuan;

core business revenue grew 41%, reaching 28 billion 493 million yuan;" /span>

mobile monthly active users in a single quarter net increase of 23 million to 450 million.

a net profit of 7 billion 75 million yuan (about US $1 billion 61 million), compared with the previous year's 22 billion 703 million yuan fell 69%. Based on non GAAP, net profit of 12 billion 949 million yuan (about 1 billion 942 million U.S. dollars), an increase of 41%.

the core business adjusted EBITA margin 62%.

left unless the cash property revaluation gains, equity incentive and some other projects, quarter adjusted earnings rose 41% to 12 billion 949 million yuan, adjusted diluted earnings per share of 5.26 yuan, exceeding market expectations 12%.

when the season, the Alibaba group adjusted free cash flow up to 13 billion 943 million yuan.

Alibaba Group CEO Zhang Yong said:" the Alibaba gains a good quarter. We are very pleased to see that the core business strong performance over the cloud computing business continued rapid expansion, new digital media and entertainment business integration has great potential. By providing highly customized content to the user, to enhance the user experience online, we produce a very good financial and operational data."

, in addition, Ali earnings also disclosed on the electricity supplier social service and mobile business operation data.

I think very important opening is to invest in their own, but this investment is not planned out, this investment is to try out, no one can plan twenty years down the road, because of changes in the market and the society are beyond our imagination.


five to eight years without income, so you go to enterprise financial index evaluation completely failed, not a penny of income. I wait for his income, such as investment banks do not appear again? Once the income and profit will be achieved explosive growth, you will vote for him, no investment opportunities, people are not short of money, the valuation is growing every day, not to play with you. You want to work with him, pay the price is big.

- sea silver capital founding partner of  


Qualcomm announced fourth quarter earnings: net profit 51%

Qualcomm released the 2016 fiscal fourth quarter earnings today. The report shows, Qualcomm's fourth quarter net profit of $1 billion 600 million, up 51% over the same period last year, $1 billion 100 million; $6 billion 200 million in revenue, up 13% over the same period last year, $5 billion 500 million. Qualcomm's fourth quarter results exceeded Wall Street expectations, but the outlook for the first quarter of fiscal year 2017 performance is less than expected, pushing its shares fell more than 1% hours.

Facebook Q3 net profit of $2 billion 379 million, an increase of 166%

Facebook today released as of September 30th in the third quarter of fiscal year 2016 unaudited financial results. Report shows that Facebook third quarter revenue of $7 billion 11 million, an increase of 4 billion 501 million over last year's $56%; net profit of $896 million, an increase of 2 billion 379 million over last year's $166%. After the earnings announcement, Facebook shares fell after hours trading on the NASDAQ small amplitude.

" Hong Kong Independence "members angered Ma Huateng, Gordon to get out of the Chinese pony advertising

"Hongkong youth group" members elect Liang Songheng and Huizhen Tour "oath disgrace country" the mainland business celebrity discontent. According to Taiwan's Central News Agency reported on November 2nd, Tencent founder Ma Huateng and SKYWORTH founder Huang Hongsheng, nearly 100 people, published in the November 2nd joint advertising "Sing Tao Daily front page refers to the beam, two people" Chinese insult people, seriously hurt the whole Chinese feelings ", the advertisement asked two people to" get out of the territory of People's Republic of China ". Two of the members and called for the revocation of qualification according to law.

Corrientes The pull will pay $1 billion 700 million to Matsushita Battery manufacturing costs associated with

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