In addition to candy, pumpkin, Halloween marketing to the point is not the same


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the weekend, morning found some shopping malls prominently placed on the Jack-O-Lantern, skeleton costumes, masks and other attendant a long-toothed man with a livid face, painted makeup funny restaurant in the Halloween atmosphere blowing ~~

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as the world's most classic horror novels, Bram Stoker wrote" Dracula "(" Dracula ") led generations for vampire fantasy.

this year, Airbnb officially launched the Dracula castle on Halloween, and announced that it would meet the tenant occupancy at the door this halloween. Airbnb also recruited warriors challenge odd house night, will eventually be invited to two Dracula fans in the legendary vampire nest spent Halloween night.

is selected, visitors will ride in a carriage, the vampire expert and great uncle's" diehard powder "Storck grandnephew Dacre Stoker accompanied tour of the castle, listening to Dacre Stoker tells the history and legend associated with the castle. Two selected visitors will spend the night alone in the castle.

" appearance of the castle (it is said that night there will be a ghost braying out)

most let the morning feel scary is that they will be like in the novel Dracula, sleeping in the coffin by velvet.

dawn feel suspira think ah!

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Kentucky China this year and DreamWorks classic monsters Shrek together, in half a month before Halloween Halloween day launch barrel and strange blood bag (a drink to look mixed beverage like blood).

this" strange blood bag drink "is the most talked about this year Kentucky marketing, almost every minute morning maxed circle of friends!

netizens also each one sticks to his argument. Although many users reflect the drink this drink tastes strange, but still can not stop the users who want early adopters the idea of "line-height: ~

Halloween activities are more funny, in the history of Kentucky super make Halloween.

Atomic Candy

recently in the United States, Canada and other countries, because of the clown attacks, clown has become almost synonymous with terror, even McDonald's uncle had a low-key. However, the U.S. food brand Candy Atomic this year, but with clown as the protagonist, took a full of evil fun Halloween marketing video.

in their launch of video advertising, a clown checks color pony in the warehouse out" Xiang ", which was picked out a clown pony Ass Candy left with satisfaction......

from the ass out of sugar, good bad... Ha ha ha。。。

to celebrate Halloween, Google today launched in the home of a Meng Meng Da Daguai games. The protagonist of the game is a magical cat Momo, Halloween this day, a large number of ghost invaded their school, took Momo buddies. In order to defend the school, to save the small partner, Momo must defeat all the ghosts.

this game is divided into 5 levels, were launched in the library, cafes, classrooms, gymnasium and classroom building roof. With the level of the increase, the difficulty of the game gradually increased, the ghost will gradually increase and the head of the symbol will be more complex. Like this: "

but hands fast enough and midway hung up buddy can draw love to life......

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this Halloween Cosplay brand marketing, there are many, like Burger King Cosplay became a ghost version of McDonald's, let netizens be startled at!

Burger King stores in New York Queens covered in a white gown, and white writing on McDonald's store McDonald's, mark the two eyes is this a mix of Burger King, layout, instantly create a Halloween night atmosphere...


famous Japanese hotel chain brand star group on Halloween approaching, the fairy tale witch tree house has become a reality.

" hot sea a 300 year old

they were hot sea resort guests held the wild tree house Cosplay photography contest, witch flower production workshop and eternal night treehouse Exploration Limited series of activities in October.

"tree house witch, the idea just hit the dawn of the heart of girl!

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than the previous various" strange ", is the warmth of WAL-MART Halloween video marketing. Halloween night, a boy dressed as Captain America, he made with a wire to the invisible man from door to door candy, and every time you want to double.

neighbor was very reluctant, but eventually gave him two.

dawn think this is a clever naughty boy, but the boy moves beyond all expectations are the most, he took the invisible man came to a small leg injury partners at home, and put the candies to the buddy, Chenxi immediately understand double candy to a little boy before the move. Last advertisement is "to share halloween".

this is the year to see the most simple and the warm heart of Halloween ad. Style=

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In addition to candy, pumpkin, Halloween marketing to the point is not the same

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