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understand the economic dynamics, grasp the investment opportunities, "last night," the collection of important news overnight international finance, for the majority of investors to make reference to the decision!

the United States election wind shift European stock markets rose

stocks closed sharply higher Monday, ending nine or decline, closing the three major indexes rose more than 2%, the NASDAQ rose 2.37%, the Dow rose 371.32 points since August 2015 the biggest one-day rise points. The U.S. Federal Bureau of investigation said it would not sue Hilary, to appease the market uncertainty factors of the U.S. presidential election concerns.

at the same time the European stock market closed up 1.5%, the largest single day gains in six weeks, following the collective rise of the global stock market trend, investors in the United States presidential election held a welcome position on the latest developments.

the price of gold fell nearly 2% in five weeks and a one-day decline

gold futures prices fell Monday, hit about five weeks since the biggest one-day decline, due to decline in the U.S. presidential election uncertainty. New York Mercantile Exchange, gold futures for December delivery fell $25.10, to close at $1279.40 an ounce, down 1.9%. According to financial information provider FactSet statistics show that this hit the lowest closing price of gold futures since October 27th, while also hit the biggest one-day percentage decline since October 4th.

U.S. oil rose nearly 2% because the market expects Hilary will win the

crude oil futures prices rose on Monday, because on Sunday in the oil center Oklahoma Cushing (Cushion) an earthquake and found support, the earthquake triggered the market of crude oil supply outlook fears. In addition, the market is expected to be the Democratic candidate Hilary · Clinton (Clinton Hillary) will be able to win the presidential election in the United States, which prompted investors to bet on the U.S. crude oil drilling activity will slow down. New York Mercantile Exchange in December delivery of West Texas light crude oil futures prices rose 82 cents to close at $44.89 a barrel, or 1.9%.

is the world's largest P2P platform LendingClub good performance shares soared more than 15%

the world's largest P2P platform LendingClub announced financial report, the company's net loss in the third quarter than expected, and that an investor has agreed to buy $1 billion 300 million worth of loans, so as to promote its share price rose sharply. In this quarter, the company net loss of $36 million 500 thousand for the loss of 9 cents per share; excluding certain one-time items, the adjusted quarter loss of 4 cents per share, compared with analysts polled by Thomson Reuters had expected the average loss of 7 cents per share. Net business closed at the quarter fell 1.5%, to $114 million 560 thousand, exceeding analysts' average expected $103 million 650 thousand.

LendingClub shares rose $0.78 in regular trading on the New York stock exchange, to close at $5.91, or 15.20%, hit an intraday high of $6.18, rose by more than 20%.

Tesla super charging station will start charging

Tesla Motors on Monday announced that it will end its super charging station in the world of unlimited free use of the policy. After next year in January 1st under the orders of the car, free of charge 400 kwh per year (about 1600 km), the excess will be charged. Existing owners, as well as before January 1st next year to complete the order, and in April 1st next year to complete the delivery of Tesla owners, will not be affected by the impact of charges, can continue to enjoy a free charge. Tesla super charging station charging 30 minutes to travel 270 kilometers, is home to 10 times the efficiency of charging piles. Currently, the company has built more than 4600 super charging pile in the world, covering more than 160 thousand Tesla owners.

: HSBC CEO wouldn't be in my office to the Bank of communications

HSBC CEO Ou Zhihua in the third quarter results briefing on analysts said bank shares will not sell in my office. HSBC chief financial officer Myn also said that the relationship between the bank and the Bank of communications, "absolutely no change", China is still a very important market".

's second quarter net profit of $4 billion 900 million is expected in the market by the Japanese

wireless Internet business and strong performance, and promote the improvement of operating conditions of the Sprint business, Softbank quarter results better than market expectations. The second quarter, its net profit of 512 billion 100 million yen ($4 billion 900 million), better than market expectations. Bloomberg statistics show that market analysts had expected the average, Softbank's second quarter net profit of 446 billion 900 million yen. Softbank's second quarter operating profit of 334 billion 700 million yen, better than the average market expectations of 313 billion 900 million yen.

international of the core in third quarter net profit of $113 million 600 thousand in

SMIC announced third quarter earnings, revenue was $774 million 800 thousand, and $690 million 200 thousand compared to the second quarter growth of 12.3% over the same period last year, with $569 million 900 thousand compared with an increase of 36%. Net profit attributable to SMIC for $113 million 600 thousand, while the previous quarter was $97 million 600 thousand, compared to $82 million 600 thousand last year.

China investors into the London property market Savior

Sterling devaluation plus domestic purchase, let Chinese investors on the London real estate market are becoming increasingly interested in. Since the end of 6 the British referendum from Europe, Chinese buyers in London's most senior residential investment increased in London commercial real estate market investment this year has been the growth of other countries, despite the withdrawal of funds is. Data show that the number of Chinese buyers in the UK real estate consulting in September hit a record high. British Real Estate Company Hampton international data show that in the three quarter of this year, Chinese investors in London's high-end residential investment accounted for the proportion of total residential transactions rose from two in the 1.8% quarter to 2.6%. Although the referendum to take off the UK economic outlook has brought uncertainty, but in the eyes of Chinese investors, the UK's monetary and real estate market in the long term is robust.

Hurun Research Institute survey found on Chinese net assets of more than $1 million 500 thousand of the population, 60% of respondents plan within the next three years overseas purchase of real estate, and more than half of the respondents said that the devaluation of the renminbi is the main problem that concerns them.

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