Idle fish seller agent posing as Canon attract consumers buy shoddy

Seller Alipay Canon Co Canon camera cuicui718105

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闲鱼卖家冒充佳能代理 以次充好吸引消费者上钩

at low prices to attract consumers to at least 20 people were

day before

, Mr. Yang to search for a Canon camera to the seller through idle fish platform, Canon and Nikon to give each other identity the general agent of low price and let him. However, after the payment of Mr. Yang received a cheap camera, just know cheated. Yesterday, the Beijing morning news reporter contacted the Canon Co and Nikon company learned that the seller is not authorized agents. The lawyer said, may retain the evidence against the claim, at the same time to remind consumers, online shopping should be third party payment channels.

video chat to dispel the concerns of photography enthusiasts Mr. Yang told reporters on October 28th, he said, the idle fish platform to search the Canon 70D camera, a user name "cuicui718105" published information attracted his attention. "The other side released each SLR model prices are lower than the market price of a lot." From Mr. Yang provided chats to see, the seller gives 3500 yuan price. Reporters learned that the inquiry, Mr. Yang buy models configuration, the new machine in about 8000 yuan, while the two phone also needs 5000 yuan. And why the seller can give such a low price, the other claiming to be Nikon's general agent, wholesale channels to get goods, and asked Mr. Yang and WeChat private chat.

"when I ask how the payment, the other does not support free fish and Taobao, Alipay and WeChat, only support bank card payment." To dispel the suspicion of Mr. Yang, the seller and he conducted a video chat, let me watch their store, a lot of people in the picture in the office, but also put a lot of camera." At the same time, Mr. Yang saw the circle of friends also have a large number of consumers will transfer to each other for gospel truth, screenshots, Shoufu 1400 yuan, the seller shipped.

received payment of low-cost camera the next day, Mr. Yang by querying the logistics information see goods has reached the "Suzhou Wuzhong center", but not for the goods delivery, he was eager to call the courier phone that place of receipt is not your address. I quickly contact the seller, the other said there is a deduction requirements, the end of the 2100 yuan to play in the past can give me." In desperation, Mr. Yang to the other transfer 2100 yuan. In October 30th, Mr. Yang received the courier box from him be startled at the shooting of the video, the reporter saw, he received the other is a brand of camera, "my photography friends, no one heard of this brand, do not know the specific price, but certainly not very expensive."

feel cheated Mr. Yang immediately to the seller to reflect the situation, the other playing rogue, saying that I buy this camera, if not satisfied can be exchanged. Can I with the theory of the delivery department, the other side again asked me to pay 5000 yuan to change. I want to return, refund, they refused." Angrily, Mr. Yang will own encounter posted online. Post a release, a lot of people with Mr. Yang suffered the same contact with him. Reporters saw the number of victims in the group of 20 people, the amount of loss is less than a few thousand dollars, more than ten thousand yuan. At present, the victim has been reported to the police.



non formal channels of payment without security

yesterday, the reporter added WeChat to the purchaser seller. The same with Mr. Yang, the reporter to the other party that wants to buy Canon 70D, a man named "Canon Nikon agent" Jeong also gives the price of 3500 yuan, while the reporter's doubts, all other rhetoric also provide exactly the same with Mr yang. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the Canon Co and Nikon, the other side said that the seller is not authorized agents.

of Mr. Yang's encounter, Beijing View Road law firm lawyers said Zhu Jinyuan, chat records and remittance evidence proves that the operator has to retain consumer consumer fraud act, may apply to the court for compensation. In addition, Zhu lawyer also suggested that, when encountered online shopping promotion or low temptation, to avoid the blind purchase, not impulsive consumption. To try to select the goods to the payment method, or choose a formal third party platform, as far as possible, not directly to the seller's account transfer, to avoid damage to the property. (Guo Dan)

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