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"eye tracking technology" ?

from the principle that the eye movement information acquisition, modeling and Simulation of . People's eyes and face, watching in different directions, because the face and eye direction changes, there will be some of the features can be extracted through image capture, passive or active scan, after processing and operation these features can be extracted and used for to determine the eye gaze direction and target.

! Get eye movement information of the equipment in addition to the infrared device, can also be image acquisition equipment , and general on a computer or mobile phone camera software in support can also achieve eye tracking.

eye tracking technology sounds tall, is not a new technology, a start state is introduced in 2013: Google eye tracking patent: identification of people have not see offline advertising

eye control technology can solve VR three industry pain points:

on the hardware requirements;

the old interactive mode is not suitable for VR experience; span>

upgrade VR experience difficult.

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VR hardware manufacturers currently facing a problem, the the user's computer can not meet the demand of the HD rendering display device.

Oculus Rift for example, users need to be equipped with 1000 $< / above span> computer can run normally, Nvidia GeForce 970 or AMD Radeon 290 graphics card the cost of 300 $, this is just the rendering of 1k resolution, to render the resolution, the real world must render >8K resolution.

partial rendering technology.

! The human eye imaging process has a characteristic: foveal vision (Foveal vision area) images, visual acuity; peripheral vision (Peripheral vision field) imaging is fuzzy.

also head motion control of vision, eye movement, eye control target "as a real world natural interaction technology, is the most appropriate method to solve the VR interaction design. Eye tracking technology for VR, like the mouse in the windows system, so that the experience more perfect, more convenient to use, more easily accepted by the user.

let people off the natural head operation.

Oculus founder Luckey Palmer has also said that eye tracking technology will become an important part of the future of VR technology". It can not only realize the point of view rendering technology, it can also be used to create a depth sensing, in order to create a better user interface.

eye tracking can be applied in the field of

! To shooting game as an example, visual tracking technology can provide many useful features for the game. will focus on the UI interface of the project, the screen can also show the next step of information.

mark on the enemy, you can even aim with your eyes instead of the traditional controller, is the real" kill you with eyes".

VR is the focus of attention, mainly because it can simulate the real scene, let people get the sense of satisfaction in the virtual world. With the people to enhance the VR experience, this sensory experience will be more and more close to the reality of the feelings.

2 mobile phone application

Samsung and LG have launched a product with eye tracking technology. For example, Samsung flagship Galaxy S III can by detecting the eyes of the user to control the status of the lock screen time < / span>, as long as the detected user is staring at the screen of the mobile phone, even if without any operation of the user, the screen will not shut down. Samsung Galaxy s III will be released, this function extends further: by eye to control the page scroll up and down .


for a certain user picture, eye movement trajectory, the eye tracking can be detected by


2013 a year; the Swedish company Tobii plans to launch a product, so that the old computer can also access eye tracking. This device is called Rex, is a computer peripheral equipment, as long as it is placed on the top of the screen, and then through the USB interface, users can using vision to control the computer.

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