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the brave soldier, mysterious and deep knowledge. Not only can know, so strong as:

Xi wintry stream, still come if the fear of neighbors, Yan Xi Huan Xi as a guest, if ice will be released. If the Xi Dun Park, Kuang Xi Xi the Ruogu, if its muddy muddy. Style=

Paul this not for profit. Not only can we profit, and a new.

-----" Lao Tzu "chapter fifteenth" text-align:

st Yle= text-align: justify; line-height: 1.75em; white-space: normal; > in ancient times, those who truly enlightened people, mysterious and beyond description, realm is very deep, it is difficult to recognize them. It is because they are not recognized, I struggled to describe their appearance: "

they are careful, like the river like winter. />

their dignity and grave, like at home. Style= text-align: "justify line-height:; 2em

they look natural, just like the process of ice melting into water.

they looks wonderful, much like wood without decoration. Style= text-align: "justify line-height:; 2em

they were muddy miscellaneous, like water is not clear. Style= text-align: "justify

really got the saints, never let their full". It is to be dissatisfied, so to maintain the old state, but also constantly updated.

; explain the last sentence" our "version of the" Lao Tzu "is written into our new teacher, Professor Chen said" we should research into the new". We do not tangle the word, although different words, meaning the opposite, but Chinese charm is here, whether negative or positive, here is said enlightened to do so is fierce!

" road "is not a language, so Lao Tzu in the description of" Tao "the phenomenon, often speak in parables, than the" heavenly gate, " " as good as water ", but the man of Tao is what? Lao Tzu said, these people "subtle metaphysical, deep knowledge", even if you see the recognition does not come out.

see here, you have to pay attention, Lao Tzu mean: the real enlightenment man, you did not recognize . So, those who practice looks very good and very have enlightened manner, nine out of ten is a liar". That is a liar too, but these are definitely not the real enlightenment.

this reason is too deep, too have been warning! Especially in the present society. A lot of crooks out into the man of tao. If a priest tells you that he has a specific function, nine out of ten he is a liar if a monk told you; he has many supernatural powers, nine out of ten he is a liar, if not he tell you what someone has told you, the result is the same; if you are around people all day long to read with beads, chat will talk about the practice this, people practice must be very general (oh, as if to say myself yeah). Now Piancaipianse "yogi" a lot of fish for fame, make people impossible to guard against. So recognize true enlightenment, is very important. The educated man is what?

Lao Tzu description of image, summed up in one sentence: more enlightened people, looks more like a man of tao. in turn set up, looks more like the man of Tao, the practice is not how. The real master is not like a master, the more like a master of people, most of them are not.

Lao Tzu behind said:" _135editor

" Paul; this not for profit. Not only can we profit, and a new."

remember, really good practice, good people, must not be complacent, is humble. It is because of this humility, to let him continue to progress. A good father, do not think that he is a good father. If he thinks he is a good father, he can't be a good father. He doesn't think he is a good father, he can become a good father. In fact, not a good dad dad. Only to be a good father, nature is a good father (this section is a bit around, if you can see the logic behind, you will benefit).

I said" the Tao ", Lao Tzu not say so," Lao Tzu never say "in Tao, just say" sage "," the brave soldier". Why? Because no one is enlightened people, like no one is enlightened. If people think they are enlightened, so he is no longer the enlightenment. The so-called enlightenment exists in the process, as Suzuki Juntaka said: "

step To the other side of every step, is to reach the other shore itself.

according to popular understanding, a" Tao "of the people, should be very powerful ah. Why so cautious? This is the key point, don't let it go. Think about the word of Suzuki Juntaka, you will understand why good cultivators, is "a wintry stream, if the neighbors fear". Qiu Yang is a very heterogeneous spiritual practice, but also a big achievement. He and Suzuki Juntaka similar words: "_135editor

taming the heart of the process is You have to pursue the results of the heart of the heart.

" if Wade things if winter, fear, is the neighborhood "Xu, can set for a long time. Interesting, dynamic is stable. That he was enlightened, but did not think he had reached enlightenment, but did not arrive. The process has been the pursuit of enlightenment, but the enlightenment itself.

see here, there are people I don't want to have questions: is enlightened, did not expect, I just want to make my life trouble free, feeling a little less, A little better, what should I do?

is very simple, to those who are good at learning a person. How can we avoid disaster? Is not your ability, your strength, your good will be able to avoid the evil force. the best way to avoid the disaster is to stay away from the disaster . Don't want to fall off the cliff, is not the best way to exercise arm strength and rock climbing, but away from the cliff; don't want to be a tiger, is not the best way to practice running and hurdles, but away from the tiger; avoid sex temptation, the best way is not to the beauty of the heap to exercise, and is alert to don't let yourself have this opportunity this, and not to have this opportunity, is itself the result you want. If you are a normal man, do not expect yourself to be sure to see any beauty does not have a point of the idea of the state.

" ring". I don't do something, I just quit ". If you quit, you'll settle down. The heart is no longer tangled, no fear, no jealousy, unmoved.

see Lao Tzu of this chapter, we can have a new understanding of the process and results. Life is but a hundred years, the process of experiencing the process of the composition of the one hundred years. The outcome is actually mind judgment, a part of the mind, and greed, jealousy, anger, unwilling to........ Is a part of life, it is a part of the brain . If you want to live a good life, pay attention to each process, not the result. So those who are good at religious people, he will always "wintry stream, if the neighbors fear".

people in this life have a lot of homework to do, and, right, color, food etc. no, a lesson will be with us for a lifetime, don't think you have graduated from a certain subject. No, never! Yeah, I used the word "" for forever! Once you think you graduated, it won't be long before you stumble on it. And then the powerful people are no exception. If you really want to graduate, you should always be careful when you are at your door. This kind of care, in itself, is what you want. This is why, the more powerful people, the more cautious, the more humble. So in the twentieth chapter Lao Tzu said: "

"what people fear, Not to be afraid of."

mean, others fear the things we don't feel very Niubi not fear of fear. The real Tao people understand that there is never a point is reached the end, and the end of each step, and is the end. So the man of Tao, time are cautious, time are humble.

educated man still needs so, not to mention those of us ordinary people?!

chat" color: RGB (63, 63, 63); font-size: 15px; line-height: 1.75em; "> all interested friends to practice, be sure to check out this article carefully, and then quietly experience, There must be a harvest. If you want to see more "Lao Tzu wisdom" series of articles, in my WeChat public number: taobaoguijiaoqi background reply " I wisdom " can view.

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