Ella share photo show and boast: how women are so handsome? All the stars have announced their own pregnancy...

Pregnant woman

leshiyule· 2016-11-08 10:11:58

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Ella share a handsome outfit after light at the end of the paper to write more funny, "which is pregnant so handsome", "go back to eat ginger duck". Watching friends also have a message praising, "super handsome women without error", "really not pregnant so handsome", "looking forward to the birth of the baby", "the most handsome woman! Keep warm! Hide in bed rest "and" contact handsome ", set off a heated debate on the network.

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star is always
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Zhang Zilin announced during pregnancy Their pet yoyo micro-blog
basked in a picture like this
to install a new pet furniture, and seemingly no pregnancy Any intersection, but in fact it is not! Look at the upper left corner of the kennel has a pair of small shoes, it is ready for the small baby ah, so low-key dog micro-blog announced the pregnancy, it is not a sei...

and Liyan Tong Chen Sicheng had such a. Chen started drying out a hold on my pregnancy test in the toilet cry Zaopian with the text: I have also!!
a guess that Liyan Tong is pregnant ~

> center; box-sizing: border-box;" to the stomach stuffed posing Pregnant women to announce pregnancy, and our little Jielun chose:
stuff myself with a basketball, but also with the wife game dribbles, Wuli Jay Chou big girl heart

except those who pretend to be pregnant, there are some stars really is trying to test your math skills, but are less than ten

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earlier netizen exposure Jimmy Lin wife go out to play when the big belly Zaopian, so before you announced the good news had made Kimi to be elder brother, but never thought Chen Ruoyi was pregnant twins!

ultra brother is Curve Wrecker, the empress Sun Li learning is not bad! When Deng Chao was 35 years old birthday, mother made such a micro-blog ~

but there are a lot of artists in the announced the good news of the choice go warmth route!

Vivian Hsu published this piece of paper with only a few simple words, but clearly convey her arms Message of pregnancy.

and Vivian Hsu almost to the first with the sun shine, also announced the good news of

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