35 year old A Jiao since the exposure of love has no expectations, just want to get married. Edison event has passed, why do you worry about the goddess no one dared to marry?

Edison love A Jiao

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is in the mass of black melon face mark,

host Ma Dong a "A Jiao and Alyssa Chia are pregnant pregnant relationship with I will be all to let the audience get this is a" liar game "

as principal for their integrity no leaks harm (GAO) shame (Chao) when A Jiao began to talk about the truth be caught off guard. />


the crowd has not yet recovered from the shock, A Jiao has started going to their future husband set standards. />


in July for Michelle Chen to be a bridesmaid when

, the "most beautiful Bridesmaid" on the issue of "refusing to be a bridesmaid, the bride" Declaration of hate.

think it is, and when the 4 Bridesmaid (folk as a three unmarriageable statement), no wonder the goddess in micro-blog propaganda excellent single men "come after me".

than any other female star Yan total value "online" and "offline", A Jiao is really done decades on the pinnacle of beauty. Previously, there have been reports that A Jiao is the most standard features of the Hongkong star, the network on her face value and even given a 100 out.

But because of the reason as everyone knows, her love leads to more than eight points to the rough file.

young love the wrong person, Chen events also became A Jiao's "I hate eternal".

after that not only image plummeted, Starryland is almost being sentenced to death". />

not to her unmarried due to the pictures, so the wicked hat is Rio allowing no explanation.

after that she was very depressed, career plummeted, almost no chance to play the female lead, most of the time is the soy sauce in Hengdian.

until 2015, "Gu Jian", it is returned to the audience. />

lovingly pathetic pity.

can even return to the so-called arts "on track", another member of her and twins a SA gap is not a tiny bit. />

concert, A Jiao's face was not the year in high spirit, her smile is full of self-confidence, it is more a sense of the vicissitudes of life now. After the

Edison event, both Alex Fong and gossip, or brief romance with Mr. K (only 10 months), the media are used to break up black history due to A Jiao's "". />

, ironically, then broke SA and Ronald Cheng's "hidden marriage",

and even starred in "Eighteen great scale ban" movie,

users are on her abnormal tolerance, presumably is due to a large extent, on the first of A Jiao indiscriminately abuse, heart owe it a lot of tolerance.

to tell the truth, if not that the "reign of terror" in the

, long edge (or when the beauty that many bridesmaids knew more sisters) she should love the cause of double harvest,

might have been able to live together with the parents when men get married upgrade.

a sleight of hand, and now she is no longer in the love of the girl, but a good living habits, while

busy work low-key charity,

< br />

for marriage but not impulse mature woman. Could such a state of

is not what she had imagined, but thought, everything is fate, she now has her sisters support,


talked about love, or is feeling, but beautiful and excellent girl never feel like nobody dare to marry you! />

Ge uncle from the sofa are scared up!

the same field Joey Yung is stunned, a word not just to "engage" William Chan, when

really eat chat information is always Hin!

in the end they also said some what heavy dirt? And what kind of lying Congress to let the old driver Ma Dong laugh to distort deformation? How could this little main spoiler bad? Buddies quickly click on the " read " to "color: RGB style= "dinner" temptation to take a look

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