The woman is 5 cents at the toilet fees with blood sanitary napkins hit on the head

Sanitary napkin head woman maltshop

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5 for women with blood at the angle of sanitary napkins do not hit head detained 15 days lost 20 thousand

5 for women with blood at the angle of sanitary napkins do not play people detained 15 days lost 20 thousand

5 for women with blood at the angle of sanitary napkins do not hit head detained 15 days lost 20 thousand

2015 year in October, Shifang a public toilet at the two ladies for 5 cents toilet fee dispute over the strike violently. On the court. Not long ago, the case in Shifang City People's court sentenced: the defendant to compensate the plaintiff in the dispute compensation plaintiff 20 thousand yuan. < p > the police to provide images of the scene, lying on the ground and sat two lady is on both sides of the conflict: sanitation workers Zou Moumou and businesses Wu Moumou. Zou Moumou responsible for the management of the Shifang cultural street public toilet, Wu Moumou cigarette and liquor vendor in the next. On October 4, 2015 at noon 1 point, a member of the public on the toilet, mistakenly think Wu Moumou is administrator of public toilets, will the should not be paid 5 hair toilet fees over to Wu Moumou and this scene happened to be Zou x see. Zou X of Wu Moumou said: "public toilets is not money, your Zha people receive the money, Wu Moumou think yourself clearly put the money back, the other is in the" pick things.

the 5 cents of the toilet costs into the two conflicts. Two ladies from the verbal dispute escalated to intense physical conflict. Zou x, Wu Moumou cite with sanitary napkins with blood hit her, Wu Moumou's son was thrown off the bench to her ribs, Wu Moumou husband stepped forward to give her a slap in the face, the she play halo in the past.

dispute, two people were injured in varying degrees of hospital. December 25th, the Shifang Municipal Public Security Bureau to make administrative detention for 15 days, a fine of 500 yuan penalty. Disputes coordination to no avail, Zou X and a paper petition Moumou sued the court, compensate for treatment costs, delay costs, mental damages, such as the cost of totaling more than 26000 yuan, of which spiritual loss fee 5000 yuan. < p > the plaintiff lawyers said that the defendant Wu Moumou rushed to the plaintiff in this case the Zou XX, with blood of sanitary napkins and from the body ripped off being used directly beat the plaintiff Zou X in the head and face. The plaintiff will play with blood, hair and blood, Wu Moumou also hit me "you die you die mold mold". < p > but the defendant Wu Moumou denied with unclean sanitary napkins hit, also filed a counterclaim, Zou x compensation for mental loss requires cost 5000 yuan, plus other treatment costs, delay costs, the cost of a total of more than 11000 yuan.

said Wu Moumou, Zou Moumou injury is rolling injury, not their wounded. Zou Moumou said she used to beat the sanitary napkin is a clean toilet paper, not with the blood. < in court, the plaintiff and the defendant is Zou x stands for mental injury solatium should the optimal support and accountability of how to divide the two points at issue in a fierce debate. Finally, according to the relevant evidence, the court accepted Wu Moumou with unclean sanitary napkins. Zou Moumou facts. < p > court believes that Wu Moumou unclean sanitary napkins hitting Zou Moumou head to identified as violations of the dignity of others. < after two hearings, not long ago, Shifang City People's court dismissed the defendant Wu Moumou counterclaim, identified the main responsibility of the defendant Wu Moumou negative 80%. Court on the spot to make a sentence, the cause of the dispute over 5 cents finally come to an end. Court, defendant and plaintiff in the counterclaim Wu Moumou the judgment occurs legally, within five days of a one-time compensation for the plaintiff and counterclaim defendant Zou x the loss 20845.64 yuan.

news links: for five cents a toilet costs Shifang Street staged "quanwuhang"

I October 2015 daily 10 road < started from 2011, Shifang City, through the transformation of the municipal public toilets to realize the open to the public free of charge. During the national day, in Chuk Yuen Road outside the toilets, a member of the public because of the "know", after using the toilet active pay five cents, but it caused a "quanwuhang". < p > recently, the reporter in the second people's Hospital of Shifang saw the wounded in the fighting in the event of both sides, the sanitation workers Zou Moumou and businesses Wu Moumou. Why

between two neighbors, will be staged the whole martial arts? Things have to start from the day during the national day. Sanitation workers Zou x responsible public toilets, and Wu Moumou tobacco shop adjacent, two people set out a non-staple food stalls are closely adjacent, at noon that day, a member of the public in a convenient after, mistakenly believe that the next business is person in charge of public toilets, will this do not have to pay a 5 hair toilet fees over to business Wu Moumou. Coincidentally, this scene was Zou Moumou see sanitation workers. Zou X of Wu Moumou said: "public toilets is not money, your Zha people receive the money, Wu Moumou think yourself clearly put the money back, the other is in the" pick things.

reporter learned, Zou Moumou and Moumou two people are in the business of non-staple food, there have been some friction. The 5 cents to citizen has intensified the contradiction between two long, quarrel instant upgrade, two are injured.

as to who led the fight, because the lot did not monitor the incident, to restore the truth of the matter, the police also need witnesses to testify. As the saying goes, better than distant neighbors, because 5 cents resulted in both strike violently, people hospitalized, is not worth.

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