Youth IP continued high temperature period, has a large IP is equal to seize the big market?


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since 2013 Zhao Wei's "Youth" Youth Theme detonated, youth film from "Youth" emerge in an endless stream, to "my deskmate", from "youth who are not confused" to "smile" very little of this film, in the Chinese TV drama market pocketed the eye, and even become the domestic movie box office straw. However, the youth is not plain sailing, on the one hand in the market earned pots full bowl full, on the other hand is also quite controversial.

"color value +IP" the power of the youth drama, only relying on the "select high-quality IP+ + + high investment cost of production cost high quality broadcast platform", in order to win the ratings and reputation double harvest, only to win the reputation, can be sustained prosperity. In recent years, the cohesion media (PPTV.COM) as the representative of the network video platform, adhere to the quality of the line, the force of high quality refined youth IP, for the Chinese youth market brings a cool breeze.  

" color value +IP power   word of mouth is king

throughout the youth film, most of the" yen value +IP "as the standard, the color value of super popular star although not, but remove the yen value of sugar, the vast majority of youth can not be called wonderful story. Some films devoted much of his time in the selection of high value star Yan in the script, innovation, quality control on the management, resulting in some youth film released after criticism, if only "color value +IP" and ignore the quality will undoubtedly fall into the vicious circle of low reputation of youth.

in youth film boom, high Yan values become a much discussed topic most, survey data show that more than 40% viewers will cast attention. The youth film mostly invited little meat men of God Goddess to join, in order to attract more attention, and even some youth with high value as a publicity stunt. However, the single factor of high value and can not be sustained Yan power to promote youth hot IP.

undeniable, youth film on large IP and idol color value, although can earn the first few days at the box office, but the lack of high-quality plots, it is difficult to win a good reputation. From the youth market reflects the market, only to spend time in the script, elaborate, in order to win after 80, 90, this part of the consumer recognition, only word of mouth is the only way out.

synacast media carefully layout "color: RGB style= IP

from the "Youth" to "smile" very little, IP entered the latter era of youth. In the IP boom, a large amount of capital to give up the film itself artistic and cultural values in order to profit, only with high value of Yan star, but in the story the lack of innovation, the film itself lack of elaborate, will inevitably lead to the ultimate quality crudely made. In the long run, IP off if youth works of quality and artistic level, only rely on the "color value +IP", the IP boom may be just a huge bubble.

synacast media force youth IP, bold with sharp market insight, accurate view of investment professionals, continue to focus on young the audience, in the youth drama market gradually occupy a space for one person. On the choice of the content, cohesion media bold innovation, adhere to the principle of quality first, quality of resources to seize the layout, comprehensive coverage and seize the exclusive rights to broadcast in the domestic film and television drama, and drama, variety and music field.

at the same time, differentiation, quality of the self-made drama has also become a major killer in cohesion media user resource competition. Recently, the cohesion of the media will be launched by Zheng Weida, Ji, starring in the season broadcast of self - made Youth Drama, I like you, you know? "", tells the story of two independent themes, the new secret love story, wonderful interpretation of the soul of the immortal, love more than the special youth feelings, will meet with the audience at the end of September. The play with other companies to snatch market "rush into" complete routine, not only featured acting Yan values both starring lineup, and increase investment in elaborate content, creative, production, investment and other sectors, no longer apply mode of the story, is committed to creating a truly excellent youth IP.

IP screen of the set of all kinds of youth road is too deep, although the content is king, but only the cultivating quality content, to reputation for the "routine" can really come into the heart of the user, so as to win the future market.


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