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, what are the symptoms of pregnancy, 1 body edema

during your pregnancy 6 months or so, you may find the foot, ankle and hand began to appear swollen, this is because the body tissue fluid to keep you and your baby. In order to avoid edema, to avoid prolonged standing, sit down when you want to raise your feet.

2, gastrointestinal indigestion

constipation is an annoying symptom, especially during pregnancy. Hormonal changes can lead to gastrointestinal muscle relaxation, slow digestion, cause indigestion, heartburn, or constipation. Food, drink plenty of water eat more fiber rich can help resolve. Class= img_box "

" pregnant belly will be more and more obvious.

3, appetite began to increase

although the baby's organs have been developed, but they need to mature, at this time you need to provide adequate nutrition to the baby. You may feel hungry and hungry for some food, but be sure to eat healthy food and avoid junk food.

4, sleep start snoring

with the progress of pregnancy, snoring has become a common symptom. This is because the hormones cause swelling of the mucous membranes, and also affect the weight gain. Try to sleep on the side or help your head up.

5, back pain

back pain this symptom may be accompanied by you until the birth. Progesterone relaxes the muscles around the pelvic muscles, plus the weight of the baby causes your belly to move forward, so you can easily feel the back pain.

6, the body has changed

so far, your abdomen will become obvious, you will get a lot of weight. The uterus usually rises a few centimeters, causing your navel to be highlighted. The growing of the uterus will lead to increased blood pressure, make you dizzy.

two, the middle of the pregnancy is not comfortable there are 1, insomnia is difficult to fall asleep

insomnia is very easy to fall asleep in the late pregnancy, but some pregnant women in the middle of pregnancy began to sleep. Avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks. You can help yourself relax by reading or listening to music.

2, the body appears to ache

with the progress of pregnancy, you will find your body aches and pains, cause you tired. This is because the uterus continues to grow and expand, leading to enormous pressure on the surrounding muscles, but basically do not need to worry.

3, two feet varicose

due to the blood to promote the uterus to the baby nutrition, so will be accompanied by the side effects of lower body varicose veins. You can try to raise your feet, and avoid raising your feet, plus regular exercise to relieve.

4, hands and feet feel tingling

blood flow increase will put pressure on your hands and feet, causing you to feel tingling. Often stretch your hands and feet to ease your pain, and avoid the need to sleep when you're going to sleep.

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