Man 36 consecutive hours of Internet cafes to compensate for sudden death

Man Internet cafe hour heart disease

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JINGWAH times (reporter Zheng Yujia) 30 year old Xu in the Internet cafe for 36 hours after the sudden death. His parents think the Internet entirely to inform and assistance obligations, resulting in the death of his son, therefore Cafe sued the court, Internet cafes to compensate for the loss of 167 million yuan. Reporters learned yesterday, Tongzhou court and bar staff not to long time Internet Xu a humanized remind, bear responsibility for 10%, compensation for the family members of the deceased 9.6 million yuan.

>> plaintiff

deceased was not found in a timely manner

Xu parents claimed that in March 28, 2015, Xu in an Internet cafe in Tongzhou District, after the death of Internet cafes. Xu sudden death, they did not receive a phone call, until the next day before receiving the police station to inform the Internet cafes do not have the obligation to inform and rescue.

Xu parents said, Internet cafes staff if found in Internet cafes, such as the occurrence of the disease, should take effective notification, warning and rescue obligations. However, in this case, the Internet cafe management is not in place, Internet cafes staff simply to inspect, resulting in a long period of time after the death of Xu was found, not in the first time to take measures. < p > Xu parents also said that the Internet cafes in no passing through the legal approval of the relevant departments, in the 1000 square meters of place operated clandestinely black Internet bar and violation of September 2002 the implementation of the "Internet service site management regulations" in daily business time limited to 8 o'clock to 24.

Xu parents claim compensation for the loss of 167 yuan net cafe.

>> defendant

as an adult should have the control of

Internet cafe one party does not agree to compensation, they believe that Xu is an adult, should have control over their behavior. Internet cafes have a legitimate business qualifications, and through the Municipal Public Security Bureau of workplace safety audit, the plaintiff said my company is the Internet cafes, gave us a bad impact and huge economic losses". < p > Internet Party said Internet bar staff in the first time rushed to the scene participation treatment timely call 120 and 110, without delay Xu rescue time, has to make the full attention and active treatment and try to save the life of Xu's obligation. And Xu himself suffering from disease, the symptoms of Xu's death may be a heart attack, in the identification report issued by the forensic identification results show that Xu does not rule out the death of the disease.

in addition, in court, Internet cafes to submit the 2006 release of the "Beijing construction of Internet cafes in the management of long-term mechanism pilot program". Internet cafes that, of which the work of the first (eight) first clear "to cancel the business hours of Internet restrictions". Judgment

>> < identified Internet cafes are not humanized remind < court that, Xu in the cafe sudden death, identified the cause of death "does not exclude the disease death", the plaintiff in public security organs readme Xu 10 years ago had suffered from heart disease. Xu 36 hours non-stop Internet, causing the body to excessive fatigue, and ultimately lead to death. The consequences of the death of the occurrence of its own fault, should bear the corresponding civil liability. < p > in addition, although Internet cafes overnight business does not violate the provisions, but Xu Internet for 36 hours long case, bar staff no any one of Xu online time is too long for the humanized remind, so Internet cafes as the main business of Xu sudden death also assumes the corresponding liability. < p > in addition, the views of the plaintiff claims the Internet entirely to the duty of assistance, the court held that Xu sudden death happened suddenly, seated in the run-up to the Zhang for the first time found and has timely call 120 emergency phone case, bar staff next to the waiting 120 emergency personnel, and emergency personnel arrived at the scene to rescue after the alarm, Internet cafes have Xu to do the corresponding duty to rescue.

eventually, the court ruled that the Internet cafe bear 10% of the liability, compensation for the plaintiff 9.6 yuan. Both parties did not appeal after the judgment served. <] visit < customer for a long time Internet cafes are not usually remind < p > yesterday afternoon, the reporters came to Daxing District Jiugong near a cafe, just the door and smell the strong smell of smoke. The Internet is divided into the hall and rooms, the reporter found that, although the working day is five hundred or six hundred square meters, but the bar is still All seats are occupied. Internet people with a young man, a glance, basically playing the game.

the Internet cafe responsible person, 24 hours of Internet cafes, for a long time the Internet, they generally do not remind, although there will be a network patrol, but their work is mainly to repair the computer". For a reporter asked whether there will be a number of days to stay in the cafe, the person in charge is just shaking his head, not willing to talk about.

subsequently, the reporter contacted the owner of an open Internet cafe. The other said, Internet cafes are an all nighter, ranging from 5 to 7 yuan an hour during the day, night to night, from 8 pm till the second day morning at 11 o'clock, 15 yuan, "because the night cheaper, so night customer during the day with as much, customer hungry will in Internet cafes to buy food and water, tired lying sleep on the table for a while". < to remind Internet for a long time the customer, the boss said, led more common, days of in Internet cafes playing is relatively small. He once met a customer, in the Internet cafe for 18 days, and finally left the look of mental condition is not good, "see the familiar people play games for a long time, I will be reminded". There are a lot of people tired of lying on the table, but also not good in the past to bother.

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