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Aldo West VS defense and justice
al Duoxiwei the home court record is better than the road, they are place outside Mardel Plata in 13 consecutive games without a win, the team wins this season only is also from the team but the main midfielder A.Medina home court, the game absence on the team is not small; defense and justice from the hard power is stronger than the home team, see from the beginning of the season the team away draw teams in Rosario and the central home court you can draw the riverbed powerhouse, the main problem is the lack of ability to tackle the team. From the match referee Merlos Aldo West 9 career law enforcement in all competitions, the team 5 flat 4 negative without a win. Law enforcement 3 defense and justice game, the team 2 wins and 1 draws unbeaten. SMG disc out of defense and justice to tie / hemisphere high water starting grids for the game, although the instant dish adjusted to draw water, but many companies still pay the compensate found close to 3 or so, have to strive to get home court look bad Aldo Xiweilve. in the field to let the ball play SMG recommended: 0.
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West Aldo striker Penco played 8 times this season and scored 4 goals as the team's top scorer, currently tied scorer in the 6.

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