Why would the height difference between the palm heel shoes? Do you know as a runner?

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very heavy shoes will provide a large buffer, and is in a flat platform. Many other producers also continued some features of minimalism, between the heel and forefoot heights makes no difference.

according to the minimalist said heel forefoot height difference of little or no difference of one of the benefits of reducing the risk of injury. a conference to promote the dramatic elevation of heel, that is to say, this may lead to knee injury. A small difference between supporters also said that the impact of running barefoot feet are more evenly distributed, and the height of Congress let feet bear more impact. In addition, minimalist also said the high heel will let the body forward, affect the balance of the body, produce compensatory damage.

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style=" max-width: 100% color:; RGB (136, 136, 136); box-sizing: important; word-wrap: border-box! Break-word! Important "> Lu; Luxembourg Health Institute researchers on 533 leisure runners were followed for 6 months. They all subjects allotted a heel height difference of 0 model shoe sole, 6 or 10mm. The heel height and forward are different: it is 21mm; followed by 21mm 15mm followed by 24mm 14mm palm palm. In addition, the other parts of the shoe are the same.

in this study is defined as: because the injured leg or lower back pain due to stagnation or running plan to cut at least 1 days. In this case, 25% of the runners said during the 6 months of the study period was injured. The main finding of the study is that the rate of injury among the 3 groups of runners is roughly the same - that is, the probability that they will be roughly the same no matter what they wear.

this result does not mean the heel of the shoes sole height difference of no great importance. In 2015, the injury rate of the structure of running a research review, the famous home Benoit - negore biomechanics found no evidence of change shoes damage mode. Negore have suggested that runners choose the most comfortable shoes, running shoes can be extended like a foot like that. According to this standard, people will choose the altitude difference, while others will not choose the difference or the difference is small.

; in addition, sports podiatrist Blaine Fulham said "in general, if someone because of disease or neuroma big toe joint arthritis causes foot pain, I suggested that he try difference small shoes. If someone because of plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon or posterior tibial tendinitis causing heel pain, I advised him to wear the traditional height 12mm shoes." Fullem said.

; although the study found that running shoes sole heel height difference between different experimental groups the overall injury rate no difference, but there is an important caveat in the conclusion: in this study run more frequently the runners in shoes, that difference is small (0-6mm) injury rate runners than runners to high elevation 10mm!

" one possible the explanation is that in the regular runners, they usually wear shoes from the traditional to the small version of the transition height Enough, thus increasing the risk of injury." Lauren - the lead researcher Ma Lixiu pointed out, "78% of subjects before the study did not pass through the small height of running shoes, and some people suddenly changed this kind of shoes may cause the injury rate increase.

" some people may think that, with some running experience the musculoskeletal system, strong adaptability of the runner is the right person wearing shoes difference is small, but compared to the novice runners safe transition actually requires a longer time ." Ma said Lixiu.

Fulham also endorsed the runners should gradually transition to the difference from the traditional shoes smaller shoes, including thin soled shoes competition. "At the beginning of the competitive season, you can start to run after the thin end of the race shoes to do some speed run." He said, "I also recommend wearing it to the transition to do speed training. If you are not wearing shoes to make difference is small enough training, so in the first place, cross-country race or road game, there is a very normal calf pain."

Lixiu Ma Fulham and agreed that the rotation in running shoes (including palm heel height difference different shoes) is most runners good strategy. In 2015, a study found that Malaysia Lixiu, in 22 weeks time, alternating in running shoes runners than always wore the same shoes version runner low injury rate 22%. said: "the different characteristics of the shoes will give the musculoskeletal system bring different load."

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