Fish shop disgusting scene: dead fish posing as add this thing

Fish store a scene smell something

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the weather gradually cool

every day to eat hot things

think aloud fish baked Zizi

you are not slobber must flow down? Class= img_box "

but! You know what?

some fish shop was hiding inside!

played " big fish

" game fish was replaced with dead fish?

recently, Suzhou radio station reported on a

Suzhou fish shady

↓ ↓ ↓

it is understood that Ms Wang broke

she eat fish at a fish shop when something

yourself a three kg of fish

in fish pond, but when the end of the table the fish, not only small a lot of

and taste is completely unlike that of fresh fish

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" after a reporter interviewed, found that this fish shop fish

are stored in a sink in the sink

kitchen the fish are significantly higher than the outside for customers to choose from small fish to

when reporters want to say Under the weight of the fish and the attendant chef

looking for an excuse to let reporters left the kitchen

" but that is not all!

when I heard these fish to

small heart is the collapse of the … &hellip

; wholesale fish here most of the flow of

according to the Suzhou radio station reported in

Suzhou South Central Bridge Wholesale Market in

, a seafood stalls boss said

in the fish shop mostly from here take the goods

the most commonly used fresh fish store grass carp sold 6 dollars a pound

dead grass carp wholesale price of only 3 yuan a catty about

's death fish price is only half of the fish

" she is selling fish

, because the cheap soon sold out

or in short supply

to purchase, most of the fish store!

" this shop boss also revealed some

fish shop is to put fish in the dining room for customers to choose from

but actually on the table is

this routine is not dead who between

people and trust

is the fish taste it, because with this thing

fish shop with dead fish posing as

is not what new thing

insiders said, there is a special fish sauce

can let the dead fish eat together with the live fish taste almost

is a named "fish balm"

" this is designed to do the fish

additive can make the fish taste more delicious

especially the smell can also cover up the

can write

"the product has the characteristic of high temperature resistance, make the smell to penetrate the food

activation of raw meat flavor, remove fishy smell, lasting fragrance

flavor, color, fragrance. "Class=

finally know the truth of my tears fall down... In fact,

on fish shady

we certainly is not the first time to see

↓ ↓ ↓

" Baidu on a search is also a lot of

↓ ↓ ↓

" coincidentally, also occurred in Wuxi more horror!

↓ ↓ ↓

8" on Sept. 26, Mr. hung a fish shop in a dinner at noon occurred very horror. A dish called "spicy temptation" fish, eating delicious, but after eating at the bottom should eat a 5 dry cell batteries, more let hung a scared that this battery is a knife in half, toxic heavy metals in the battery has been completely immersed in liquid infiltration.

" Mr. Hong's wife Ms. Xi said, two months after today myself to recall the scene still feel very scared, worried about the heavy metal elements in the cell after eating harmful to the body. "My sister was found, was that the tiger later pepper, only to see the battery on the spot, frightened! "

"Ms. Xi said in a month after the incident, his stomach has not been too comfortable, and had their own plans to have a second child, now only ran aground.

"then the business is to play the 15% off, I said that is harmful to the body, rushed to the hospital, see how to deal with. "Mr. Hung said, when the merchant did not dare careless, quickly sent to accompany Mr. hung his wife and children to the hospital. Go to the hospital, the doctor said there are two methods, or gastric lavage, or a large number of the first drink spit again, drinking water, day two people very nervous, on the first day in the past, this is not something acute. Although no check out what the problem is, but Mr. Hong is always anxious and fearful. Subsequently, the coordination of the mall side, businesses are also willing to give Mr. hung a certain compensation.

"signed the agreement, agreed to pay for the forty-one thousand person, if received the money, not in the name of any exercise held any responsibility for their. "Mr. Hong said, for such a deal, he does not endorse," his wife and children's health can't be bought, there is no sign of course. "In this way, the mediation deadlock, the matter will drag down. Then why is there a pot of five battery? "The waiter said it might be from the bag to the seasoning, unified by the group of delivery, the bag fell seasoning. "

"today, Mr. Hong and his wife again find this fish shop, although the manager came to the store, but he said no right to deal with this matter, need to wait for the reply of the Shanghai headquarters. Three pm ayue fish headquarters staff had a telephone call to reporters, said the shop after the incident accompanied by Ms. Xi et al went to Wuxi, Shanghai and other places in the hospital to do the relevant inspection, results showed that the normal index, the related provisions of Mr. Hong's request, the shop need further deliberation.

" (from the site map: Wuxi TV)

site map (from: Wuxi TV)

" (from the site map: Wuxi TV)

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site map (from: Wuxi TV)

terrible ah!

eat fish, but also eat a human life ah!

in addition to the "fish paste"

one brother here for everybody to see

you usually eat those things

what is the "secret weapon" made out of

and the common "secret weapon"


60 strong balm delicious juice so is the


delicious mutton soup mutton flavor depends on it "

" a drop of fragrant

is only a drop of water, will become soup

Hot pot spicy fragrance incense no friend to trick

xanthan gum in the store to eat the delicious taste of thick

out of the casserole porridge is add the

diaobaikuai Street baked gluten tenacity is diaobaikuai role played by

"to eat at home or at home to eat

after all he did the most secure … …

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Fish shop disgusting scene: dead fish posing as add this thing

Fish shop disgusting scene: dead fish posing as add this thing

Fish shop disgusting scene: dead fish posing as add this thing