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[Abstract] according to the new master unified results, the first half of Kangshifu beverage business revenue fell 14.4%, a unified group of beverage sector revenue fell 8.2%, while the "2016 Chinese top 500 private enterprises issued a report" show, Wahaha revenue than last year fell sharply to 31.4%

CFP" for

times weekly special correspondent Lu Yifu from Beijing

recently, has created over 20 billion yuan in sales in the FMCG giant jiaduobao caught in the whirlpool of public opinion, facing a severe test of a series of. According to the "Beijing times" reported that the day before the jiaduobao stopped foundries and internal cooperation, large layoffs, even the capital chain rupture signs.

according to the above statement, jiaduobao 11 denied, only that downsizing is to optimize the organizational structure, to ensure efficient operation. Gadobo said in a statement from 2012 to launch the brand switching pot of gold in the process, Gadobo to promote growth, but also to adjust the structure, the need to ensure that put more costs to the first-line market, consolidate market share.

jiaduobao quoted Nelson said, the herbal tea products currently in Wumart, including Carrefour, WAL-MART and other national modern channels have maintained steady growth. According to the Chinese Food Industry Association released this year "2015 annual report" shows that the beverage industry overall operation, JDB herbal tea brand market share of sales accounted for 52.1%, ranking first in the market; in the canned herbal tea industry, with 70% market share ranked first.

in fact, in 2016 entered the throes of the beverage industry, most of the traditional beverage enterprise performance generally shrinking, including unity, Kangshifu, Wahaha, and so there are different degrees of decline in performance, herbal tea is no exception. China Brand Research Institute researcher Zhu Dan Peng told the weekly Times reporter, herbal tea beverage is an important part of the health industry, the market has not reached saturation, but the rapid growth of the past staking period is over.

from the regional enterprise remote into big business 50 billion yuan a dish, jiaduobao was FMCG sector marketing myth, but the face of the new market environment, it needs to make more choices. Since this year, JDB first teamed up with Beikong group, hope to achieve diversified development, while speeding up the pace to enter the overseas market, and actively promote the overseas strategy. According to media reports, jiaduobao intends to landing in Hongkong market, which will be of great help to the capital chain.

growth bottlenecks highlighted

after the National Day holiday, the jiaduobao layoffs and production news began to spread. According to the "Beijing times" reported that the extra wave in September after the start of the second layoffs, this is the bottom of the staff was laid after the layoffs, to expand the scope of the middle department. In addition, jiaduobao group made 4S processing of Huiyuan Group has stopped six factories under full production line.

it is understood that jiaduobao layoffs from the Beijing headquarters is located to the north and northwest, Southern China and other places of the sales company at the same time, the division of the northwest region to become the first JDB branch was cut off, including administrative, personnel, sales have been disbanded. But the

statement was jiaduobao eleven denied, said recently the negative rumors as "rumors and slander". Gadobo said in a statement, the company in accordance with the current market environment for the organization and optimization of the organization, efficient operations, while more investment into the market, the consolidation of Gadobo's market share.

for foundry production problems, jiaduobao said Hubei Xiantao, Hangzhou TopAsia own bottling plant has been completed and put into production, our factory can guarantee the normal supply of the market, this year has achieved great growth in bottled jiaduobao, Huiyuan last year and after the expiration of the contract, "the days of the end of the war to kill".

jiaduobao insiders said the weekly Times reporter, although there is no substantial evidence, but the same story has been repeated speculation, apparently for the competitors.

in jiaduobao layoffs after the news, rival Wang Laoji company, Baiyun Mountain rally in Baiyun Mountain in November 1st, or up to 8.82%. But the investment bank Morgan Stanley said in a report, Baiyun Mountain shares will decline in the next 15 days, the probability is 60%-70%, because of the negative market speculation on its rival JDB pushed up shares, plus third quarter group performance is weak, its sales growth Wong Lo Kat herbal tea is particularly weak, Morgan Stanley believes that the recent rally the price is not reasonable.

in the first three quarters of this year, with Wang Laoji as the core of the big health sector to enter the slow growth period. Baiyun Mountain this year's semi annual report shows that large health industry sales of 4 billion 701 million yuan, an increase of 7.62%. 2015 red tank Wong Lo Kat to achieve revenue 7 billion 768 million yuan, an increase of about 9%, net profit of about 390 million yuan, an increase of about 15%. According to the

Chinese Food Industry Association released the "2015 annual beverage industry overall operation report" shows that in 2015, herbal tea beverage market sales revenue exceeded 50 billion yuan, an increase of 10.6%, ranking the fourth largest category of beverage industry. China Brand Research Institute researcher Zhu Dan Peng told the weekly Times reporter, herbal tea beverage is an important part of the health industry, the market has not reached saturation, but the rapid growth of the past staking period is over. "The future of herbal tea market growth will return to normal levels, companies are turning to the area of deep plowing and maintenance terminal. "He said.

in accordance with the rise and fall JDB layoffs, sales in the north and northwest of the poor, "Beijing time" also mentioned in the report, Beijing Wumart reduced purchases jiaduobao. The weekly Times reporter visited a number of companies including Wumart supermarkets, super, including, Wang Laoji, found that JDB herbal tea beverage sales in Beijing are not ideal, some beverage production date is the product display even last year.

from 2006 began to start north, jiaduobao the market will be divided into five patterns, the core of high potential, development, and development strategy, the Beijing market is the focus of development. In order to open the area, jiaduobao year invested 500 million yuan cost of sales, started its own brand reputation.

but the herbal tea as a functional beverage, is still faced with other kinds of product competition, especially in the north market without herbal tea culture, this is more difficult. Carbonated drinks in Coca-Cola and Pepsi as the representative of the tea drinks, to master unified as the representative of the fruit juice in the long-term market leading position, etc. for JDB herbal tea beverage, to pay a higher price, such as marketing costs.

from 2012, jiaduobao to 60 million yuan in Zhejiang TV title "The Voice of China", began a new round of marketing war, especially back in gphl Wanglaoji trademark use rights, jiaduobao more need to establish reputation. 2013-2015, JDB has 200 million yuan, 250 million yuan and 300 million yuan to the title of "The Voice of China", until this year to give up the title, to film and drama network advertising.

and Wang Laoji holding company Baiyun Mountain reported in 2012 and 2013 the advertising fees were 547 million yuan and 1 billion 312 million yuan, year-on-year growth rate were 176.26% and 139.85%; but in 2014 and 2015, its advertising costs fell to 945 million yuan and 1 billion 95 million yuan, significantly lower the propaganda.

because the road group is not listed, so sales jiaduobao has no clear data confirmed. Comprehensive foreign JDB announced, its 2012 sales income of more than $20 billion each year thereafter maintain a growth rate of about 20%, but in 2015 JDB herbal tea business income is only 22 billion yuan.

in fact, due to weather and other factors, the beverage industry is in a period of continuous decline since the beginning of this year, almost no one spared. According to the latest master unified financial results, the first half of Kangshifu beverage business revenue fell 14.4%, a unified group of beverage sector revenue fell 8.2%, while the "2016 Chinese top 500 private enterprises issued a report" shows that Wahaha revenue fell sharply 31.4% over last year.

Zhu Dan Peng pointed to the weekly Times reporter, jiaduobao volume decision organization, according to 3 million yuan sales configuration of a sales staff to calculate the selection in the northwest of herbal tea culture not mature market layoffs is reasonable.


to listed in the announcement, jiaduobao special mention in Malaysia to accelerate the construction of production, to further accelerate the pace of internationalization of herbal tea. According to the weekly Times reporter from jiaduobao understand, this is the first overseas base jiaduobao.

in the domestic market slowdown, the choice of the sea seems to be an inevitable choice. "In addition to promote the rejuvenation strategy, an important goal to further promote the internationalization strategy is jiaduobao. According to the "jiaduobao party secretary Pang Zhenguo said, the JDB sales in overseas markets share about 10% this year, overall sales in the foundation to maintain two digit growth on the overseas market will continue to expand.

in addition to jiaduobao, Wang Laoji is also actively layout at sea, in 2012 to recover the trademark, gphl trademark registration for Wang Laoji in 58 countries and regions, and Nigeria as a breakthrough in open markets in africa. Guangzhou Pharmaceutical Group Deputy General Manager Ni Yidong said in an interview, red tank Wong Lo Kat and green box Wong Lo Kat herbal tea in the international market sales revenue reached 300 million yuan, and is expected in Nigeria this year's sales will reach 20 million yuan.

sea beyond, visit the capital market has become a new target of jiaduobao. According to the "twenty-first Century economic report" said Beikong group shares is expected to jiaduobao, and participate in the IPO in Hongkong. In June this year, JDB group has Beikong group in Hongkong signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement, the two sides in addition to cultivating the food and beverage industry, but also in the cultural and sports industry, real estate development and health care industry and other five areas to carry out high-level and all aspects of the depth of cooperation.

against Beikong group's state-owned background, might help to help add in diversification development, especially in a legal battle with Wang Laoji, jiaduobao need this power. In recent years, jiaduobao and Wang Laoji in court against as many as 21 times, but no one wins.

for IPO rumors, jiaduobao relevant responsible person said no news can be published. But it can be expected that in order to successfully complete the listing, jiaduobao need to financial statements, downsizing and reducing investment in marketing is a prelude. Zhu Danpeng believes that the market is the inevitable choice of jiaduobao save themselves, this is the only shortcut.

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