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Dylan like "live football", "football manager" and "FIFA" and so on football games can provide to the player based on the cooperation and the competitive function.

Football Manager (from app111

) because the market already has several football game giant, so the development of a new football game to attract game player will become a huge challenge.

below are the 5 suggestions that are used to attract new players and enhance the experience of the existing players.

using real world data

this is not a new concept to enhance the experience of the football game. But at different times it has a different role. Like "football manager", "Soccer FIFA", "champion football manager" and other games have been in the use of real world data and make these games become more real. They usually integrate the data into the game in real time.

developers can get such data in a variety of different resources, but it will be integrated into the game with a certain challenge. Because if you want the original data to better and the game together, the developer must invest more energy.

if you are using a game engine in the development of the game, it may be able to bring you this help. For example, GameSparks provides a SFTP interface to integrate data into their platforms, and can instantly scan and upload files.

to make sure that your game is more social - adding social

to make sure the game is social doesn't just mean to use some of the rough social mechanisms and throw it into the game. The lack of such a method can give the game a viral element. Developers should be careful to design social functions and their integration into the core game play.

social ranking is such a social function, that is able to integrate the players together, strengthen the game's virus spread function, but also to retain the interests of the game players.

list can directly attract players to compete with friends on the internet. They will present a complex performance challenge to stimulate the player's desire to win. And you also need to make sure that the social list you create is based on the distribution of different attributes, so as to lead to the player's sense of competition. For example, you can add categories based on geographic location, age, nationality, and the like of the football team.

to add a real football game like betting options like

and the real world, football fans will be in the game of electronic games. Some people are based on their own gaming capabilities, some people are keen to watch a friend's football game and bet on the game.

this feature is very common in some popular football games, so you can create this interesting experience for the players. But given that this is not a truly universal feature in the video game, you can add a detailed description of how to bet on the game.

on the results of the game of football betting can play slot machines, electronic poker or desktop games as exciting fun. This social game based multiplayer game is not an element that encourages players to gamble, but more often in developing their skills in the game and helping them to win.


for football games, activities will be very interesting feature. Game playing or other multiplayer games allows players to better plan their social activities. Because the activities will be able to bring players together and complete certain goals in a specific date, so always be able to effectively attract the attention of the players. Developers can also integrate a reminder function to inform the player of the game's fixed time.

activity is dependent on the nature of the core game play. For example, some games allow the player to assign targets to a particular group of friends, so the player will perform the task as a complete group.


gift allows players to exchange virtual props with friends, and further improve their social interaction and contact. For a particular type of player, like to send life, the game inside the virtual props, rewards or points to a friend is very effective. As a developer, your main goal is to find more ways to make friends in the game while playing the game to better develop their relationship with each other. This kind of social power is the key to the popularity of the host, PC or mobile platform on any video game.

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Top 5 Features games) Your Next Football Game Must Have

by Dylan Moran

Football game giants like Pro Evolution Soccer, Football Manager and FIFA have been offering deeply collaborative and competitive features to its players that leave them no other option than sticking around every time they think of video games.

With these leaders in market, developing a new football game that captures even a small set of their audience can be a big challenge.

Here are the top you must consider that 5 things other popular games have been using to attract new players and enhance the gaming experience of ex Isting players.

Use Real-world Data

It is not a new concept to enhance the Football Gaming Experience. But it had been in and out of fashion at different times. Football Manager, FIFA Soccer, Championship Manager for example, are some games that are using real-world data for many years and making the Games feel more real. They generally push the data to the game via regular timely updates.

Such data is readily available at various sources for developers to pick, but the challenging part could be its integration into the game. This is because it requires a lot of processing in order to make the raw data consumable by the game.

If you are developing your game using a game engine, you might get some help with this. For Example, GameSparks provides a SFTP interface for ingesting data into their platform, which then scans and uploads the files without any delay.

Make your game more social Social Leaderboards

Making a game - Add socially active does not mean simply picking couple of cursory social mechanics and dropping them into the game at the end. This approach often lacks the required K-factor that gives it the potential of going viral. The social features should rather be designed and integrated into the core game play.

Social leaderboard is one of such social features that bring players together to play and enhance the potential of game to go viral while retaining the interest of its players.

Leaderboards appeal directly to The players to compete with their friends online. They present a sophisticated performance challenge that provokes more interest and effort in scoring higher than other friend players. Just make sure the social leaderboards you create are sliced and diced by more dynamic set of attributes in order to derive the competitive reaction of the players. For example, adding Geo-location, age group. Nationality, favorite football team etc.

Add a betting option like real football game

Just like in the real-world, football fans have been betting on video game matches as well. Some do it for their personal ability to win the game while others like to watch football games of their friends and place a bet on the outcome.

This feature Is not very common even in the popular football games, so you can take the advantage and develop a fascinating experience for your players. But considering it is not very common, you may have to add a detailed guide about how to bet on sports video games in order to let your players enjoy the feature to the fullest.

Betting on the outcomes of football video games could be way more fun and exciting that playing slots, video poker, or table games. The multiplayer element of such a socially active video game, would be less encouragement for gamble but more for the players to develop their skills in the game and win more.


Events can also be a very interesting feature for a football video game. It lets the players sched Ule their social activity like having tournaments or other multi-player game sessions. Events are also appealing because of getting players come together and complete something by a date in the future. A reminder feature can also be integrated to let players remember the set fixed time when everyone has to play.

The nature of events can however be very dependent on the core game play. For example, some games let players assign targets to groups of friends so that the complete group is encouraged as a group, to engage in the game.


Last on the list of top for enhancing a football 5 features game experience is Gifting.

Gifting allows the players to exchange virtual items with their friends while also improving Their social interaction and relations. Sending lives, in-game virtual items, rewards or credit to friends can be effective for certain player types. As a developer, it should be your main objective to try and find out more ways of getting these established networks of friends to engage with each other while playing the game. Such a social ability is the key to the popularity of any video game be it on console, PC or mobile. (source:gamasutra)

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