"Rainbow Six" red crow "siege" DLC Nippon detective "spark" details

Japan sparks details Ubisoft

youxishiguangVGTIME· 2016-11-08 23:42:54

today, Ubisoft announced the "Rainbow Six: the latest movie" fourth DLC "siege red crow action" and the detailed information of the first female Japanese secret service agent. The video game player and can see the debut of the female Japanese secret service agent "Hibana" heroic, to understand her background and special equipment carried by her, her unique talent in blasting or will become a new means to clear the enemy fortifications of the game player.

short careful observation is not difficult to find, emitted from the secret service agent "Hibana" 6 projectiles attached directly to the reinforcement of the wall, when the projectile angle of the five locking began after the combustion, this special equipment is caused by damage to the wall will be how? There are still pending official announcement of further information.

"Hibana" lines are also very interesting, is the Japanese "private friends of Ta Na RA u said u was UTI, as de ne guys, speech, open on the last point. The English version of the subtitle is "my friend would say a, really big fucking hole As, right up. coming" there is no English subtitles are very familiar with, yes! "A really big fucking hole coming right up." is in the game "Thermite" detective lines, looks like "Hibana" and "Thermite" feelings are good, some people of "Hibana" is "Thermite" and "Ash" daughter, after all her skills and these two skills are similar.

in the latest DLC "red crow", there will be two new special agent added to the rainbow squad, in addition to female detective "Hibana", and a male agent "ECHO", they belong to the Japanese special Assault Squad (S.A.T.), which is a on 1996 formally established in Japan and the team trained with regularity. "

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S.A.T. exit sub secret service agent "Hibana" real name is Igawa Yumiko, she is a native of Nagoya and at the age of 18 when he joined the national police academy. Soon after, she was Aichi County Police Department special unit recruitment, with its special skills in blasting, she earned the nickname "Hibana" (in Japanese means "spark").

"Hibana" as the first game in the offensive side of female secret service agent with professional knowledge, she not only close combat, in weaponry, the main weapons include "SuperNova" and "Type-89", the secondary weapon "PM9" and "P229". These firearms and equipment are guaranteed to be "Hibana" to carry out fast and accurate implementation of the task of cleaning the room.

DLC on the latest "red crow" and other content, the official also announced the new map "skyscraper", the top of a skyscraper located in Nagoya of Japan, is a Japanese style castle. Click here for more details.

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