South Korea allows for foreign fishing vessels to "act" is the brutal law enforcement experts:

Experts South Korea fishing boat foreign

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" data figure: South Korean coastguard ship

Korea maritime patrol security department said 8 days, will be issued and implemented a "weapon guide", allowing the police to anti violence law boat "shoot first report".

according to the South Korean "Korean Daily" reported that the attack of foreign fishing vessels for police to address the illegal operation of the situation, South Korea maritime patrol security department developed a "first to take measures after the mechanism of reporting, allowing police to decide on the scene, the use of weapons can be self defense. Yonhap said the new guidelines issued in October 11th South Korea to strengthen the follow-up measures to ban the illegal fishing measures, the use of firearms is based on the relevant provisions of the guidelines, specific. The central idea of the new guidelines is to avoid arrest, when encountered fishermen using lethal weapons and other dangerous articles against South Korean coastguard duty, the police should be based on international law and domestic law in South Korea, actively use the weapon equipment, repression of all means of arrest.

reported that, according to the new guidelines, the process of law enforcement, police person can decide whether to use the pistol weapon, using guns, guns and other weapons team is determined by the field commander. The condition of the use of weapons is thus "when the attack on the direction of the security forces" changed to "initiate an attack or attempt to launch an attack". The use of weapons team conditions for "on the other side with a weapon to attack or try to attack police personnel safety is difficult to guarantee" "the use of other police officers in the implementation of the hull built, personal security is difficult to guarantee" "according to the judgment of the commander, the situation is very urgent, need to use weapons team defense or attack".

new guidelines, to take the order of the relevant measures for warning radio, warning shots, shooting and so on, when shooting in order to minimize personnel damage, to avoid the body and the body parts of the hull as the target. Korea maritime police said, in order to ensure that the relevant laws and regulations and guidelines are fully and properly implemented, will strive for the police training, maritime shooting training and drills. South Korean national security department said, will further promote the "marine Guard Law", expand the use of weapons, for the legitimate use of weapons officer not accountable to the relevant terms of the Ming Dynasty culture.

11 month 1 days, Korea maritime police for the first time live fire China fishing boats, fires more than and 600 bullets with a M60 gun. North Korea South Korea TV TV station says 8 days, due to adopt a variety of measures recently in the west sea of Korea "the number of illegal gold fishing grounds, China fishing declined sharply". Reported that the South Korean maritime police department of the Central Police commando said, now two inspections every day, morning, afternoon, and may at any time according to the China implement additional maritime patrol boats. The news is also interspersed with broadcast television pictures China shooting South Korean coastguard vessels.

Chinese marine development research center researcher Yu Zhirong on the 8 day of the "Global Times" reporter said, South Korea in violation of international law "does" approach in whether weapons against fishermen enabled decision, "this is the brutal law enforcement". The armed forces to respond to the fishermen, to defend the so-called "sovereignty", is a major mistake in the concept.

Yu Zhirong said that the current South Korean coastguard with strong emotions, often in the form of radical treat China fishermen. To properly resolve the contradiction, under normal circumstances should be taken to detain illegal fishermen by diplomatic channels of communication, or the two law enforcement agencies to patrol, found illegal processing, or to drive away, etc., not only the brutal law enforcement is not permitted by the international community, will seriously affect the image of the country and the status of South korea.

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