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Airshow courage F16 bomber

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aircraft since the Wright brothers appear to meet the human dream of flying in 1903 after the invention, people will love watching the sky aerobatics, from 1905 onwards, some aviation enthusiasts began to organize meetings of aviation flight it is the prototype of the modern, international air show, along with the modern countries in order to let a person shine at the moment which can lead to sales orders, the pilots are increasingly the pursuit of high difficulty to attract the audience's attention, but unfortunately not all pilots can be completed in the stunt, and sometimes even the audience to pay the cost of life, we count the major crash occurred at Airshow Accident。

" since the birth of aircraft is all modes of transport in the most dangerous one, and in the air show aerobatics, often more fancy looking more difficult moves, means that the risk degree of double surge, for example in 1988, West Germany in the town of Flugtag`88 airshow, ten fighters from Italy air force aerobatic team tricolore MB-339 jet is performing "heart puncture" stunt. Plan two groups to form a heart-shaped plane in front of the audience, at the bottom of the other two groups of plane cross each other, like an arrow through the heart, the result of the accident happened, the two group is responsible for each puncture of an aircraft collision with other aircraft, the aircraft hit the spot into pieces, machine body carrying aviation fuel with debris and fireballs at the audience, then hit the crowd and a trailer. The audience in the explosion caused a fire in the screams of flight. At the same time, another plane was hit by debris out of control and crash hit a stand on the ground by UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters, the captain in a few weeks after injured died, and the pilot is about to crash started when the ejection seat, but before the parachute will fall when death in. Third damaged aircraft crash in the runway and near the forest. The accident, in addition to the death of three pilots also caused the death of 67 people, at least 600 people were injured in the explosion and fire.

the crash led to Rahm Stein airshow was permanently cancelled, and the provisions of all the flight performance and the audience must maintain a certain distance from the

according to the survey statistics at the show air show accident is the most old-fashioned the propeller plane, then jet trainer, fighter jets, but in modern fighter jet accident, Soviet style aircraft incidence is the most, this is because in the former Soviet air force tradition, there has always been a family name used to battle reckless and barbaric flight, itself is not very good safety record, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union for military flight management confusion, eager to sell to foreign aircraft display The ultimate performance and ignore the security risks, and Soviet aircraft itself can do some difficult movements is to let the pilots of these factors as wanton reckless, Soviet aircraft in the air show in a number of serious accidents afterwards.

to make a super low altitude half roll movement speed and thrust

but did not reach the expected is the cause of the accident reason of

after the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, Ukraine army is facing a serious financial crisis, in order to do possible to sell weapons abroad out of the Su -27 flanker fighter with outstanding performance, the aircraft is not only the pride of the Soviet air force, is the Soviet Union countries export large arms. In July 27, 2002 by the 60 anniversary of the establishment of the Ukraine air force fourteenth army, held a stunt flying in Ukraine Sikenilifu airport airshow attracted thousands of spectators including many children.

^ in Su 27 in the audience instantly hit crash pilot ejection escape

morning flight show everything goes smoothly, at noon show reached a climax, but the danger comes, about 12:45, a su -27 is going to make a the high difficulty of super low altitude semi subduction roll action, but after going to climb dive when suddenly out of control (playing Wowp and war thunder buddy should know this stall and military camp second sets Bureau will open the VR 262 is the death), body in the vicinity of the airport and then across the forest top the head hit parked on the tarmac of the Ilyushin 76 aircraft, and immediately caught fire and exploded, due to the huge inertia, burning Burn the body to roll into the audience, the audience was able to escape the plane crash and instantly ignited the explosion, the ground is full of limbs and charred bodies, between parents and children are surviving piercing voice, the audience screaming around to escape, is a mess, and the pilot to escape before the crash ejection (interested partners can search eyewitness video clips all over the floor in the body and limbs and ejected pilots on the ground in the recovery of the parachute, a person ran to give him a slap in the face). The accident resulted in the death of 77 spectators show, more than and 500 people were injured. The cause of the accident investigation for pilots without changing the flight plan, make a temporary difficult maneuvers, while the aircraft before takeoff with too much fuel to aircraft is too heavy and inflexible, unable to complete the final action leading to the crash and triggered a massive explosion and fire.

2002 Ukraine airshow airshow accident is the history of the biggest casualties in a

another memorable incident occurred in the Soviet aircraft is the famous Paris airshow in 1989 thirty-eighth Paris airshow Mikoyan Design Bureau to sell the MIG -29 deliberately let pilots coevoet culle old driver of flight performance, the stunts are very smooth, but when performing at the end of the plane suddenly sucked up a bird causing the engine air parking, but coevoet culle old driver in order to avoid building and the audience of people still continue to control the aircraft away from these area after Parachuting aircraft in the event of failure from the ground height of only 150 meters, when he jump high Is less than 30 meters and the plane has 90 degrees vertically falling, ejection angle is very bad, coevoet culle from the machine only 2 seconds after the plane landed explosion, he was only slightly injured, afterwards also attended the press conference, the accident was the pilot with superb technology to create zero casualties, but still let wanted to sell the MIG 29 reputation fell, but "a blessing in disguise" pilot escape ultra low altitude low shot angle to do a live wake move the soul advertisement for the K-36 ejection seat (this advertising is expensive enough).

- less than 30 meters in height ejected nearly 90 degrees vertical angle

, is really worthy of the name "old driver" plus the plane seat

in the airshow stunt though it is beautiful, but beauty often contains unknown the risk of above events do not feel like the lottery but really can secure to rely on, because of danger can't go to see it? Things are not so absolute, take in 2014, this year there were 17 accidents in the show, this is the lowest since 2003 once the accident occurred in the past ten years the average annual airshow 27. But with the government and the party held in operation gradually attention, the accident rate has been declining, believe in the future of the show will be more and more security and perfect, to the day we can be happy together with family to enjoy the peace of mankind for thousands of years in order to chase the horizon, and constantly strive to create a soaring peng.

is the" several famous airshow accident in history:

in September 14, 1997, a Maryland airshow F117 stealth bombers suddenly lost control of
in the pilot parachute after the plane crashed two houses, several people injured by the light

in September 14, 2003 on the ground, the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds a F16 fighter aircraft in the air force state of Idaho Air crash, this accident no one million casualties, the picture shows a falcon pilot ejection moment

/ Su Sykes, who in August 22, 2015 the British fighter crashed when performing low altitude circling stall at least 7 people were killed and 14 people were injured, the pilot injured


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