Philippines to strengthen the protection of police in the Chinese community to establish a corresponding channel

Channel Philippines police force Chinese community

tengxunjunshi· 2016-11-09 07:30:45


Philippines police according to the "Philippines daily" reported on 8, the Philippine capital district police chief Al Baye de ordered the Manila Chinese community police force, to prevent the persecution of Chinese families and for extortion in chinese.

Al Baye de 7, with the Chinese community leaders said after the meeting, he will be in Manila Chinese population in binondo and Devil Soria Ch will deploy more police, police numbers from 180 to 240. The police will also investigate whether there is a law enforcement team behind the kidnapping of corrupt elements, and the establishment of a more direct reporting channels Chinese community. According to

Artaud of Philippines broadcasting system - chronicle broadcasting network news reported that Philippines is home for anti drug action, some dealers because no "living" to "switch" for kidnapping. Philippine Chinese community, said the Philippine capital Manila this year, at least 6 have not been reported for the Chinese kidnapping. The kidnappers often in Chinese is because many Chinese people worry about life safety alarm, and usually will pay the ransom.

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