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tengxunxinwen· 2016-11-09 08:37:28

" recently, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council forwarded the "State Council Health Reform Leading Group on further pushing several opinions deepen the experience wide reform of the health care system" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), clearly put forward all public hospitals canceled drug addition.

the "opinions" requirements, to get rid of the medicine medicine, establishing a new mechanism to run public hospitals, and made it clear that all public hospitals canceled drug addition, and overall consideration of the compensation policy of the local government to determine the precise estimates of price adjustment, adjustment of medical service price synchronization. By regulating the treatment behavior, reduce the cost of drugs and supplies to make room to dynamically adjust the price of medical services. To reduce the cost of

in addition to drugs, supplies, and the diagnosis and treatment of large medical equipment inspection and other prices, which embodies the technical service value of the medical staff treatment, surgery, nursing and rehabilitation of traditional Chinese medicine and other medical items, it is important to improve. Through comprehensive facilities, will gradually increase the income of medical services (excluding drugs, supplies, inspection, laboratory income) in the proportion of total hospital income, the establishment of a new mechanism for public hospital operation.

it is understood that the existing area in order to get rid of medicine medicine and other aspects to try. Since July 2012, Beijing has in the friendship hospital, Chaoyang Hospital, Tongren Hospital, Tiantan hospital, Jishuitan Hospital, five hospital pilot "medicine separate" as the core of the reform, the abolition of 15% of drug addition, registration fees and medical fees, additional medical fees. In October this year, Beijing city health and Family Planning Commission, responsible person, the implementation of zero profit drug price, total drug cost decreased 20%-30%, 5 hospitals will receive a promotion experience.

in addition, the Opinions also mentioned, to implement the public hospital drug classification and procurement, to distinguish between different drugs, through bidding, negotiation, direct network, fixed point production and other means to form a reasonable price. Among them, the large amount of clinical dosage, the purchase amount of high, more than the production of basic drugs and non patented drugs by the provincial drug procurement agencies focused on bidding and procurement. The comprehensive reform of public hospitals in the city, can be taken to the city as a unit in the provincial drug centralized procurement platform on its own procurement, and encourage cross regional joint procurement and specialist hospital joint procurement. In addition, the medical supplies will be implemented in the sunshine procurement, to carry out high value medical supplies, inspection and testing reagents and large-scale centralized procurement of medical equipment.

it is understood that this year 1 to July, medical institutions in Anhui province through the provincial drug procurement platform purchase the total amount of 12 billion 410 million yuan, compared with the national drug drug bid purchase price of the retail price, saving the cost of 4 billion 630 million yuan; the high value of medical supplies a total amount of 1 billion 540 million yuan pharmaceutical procurement in accordance with the centralized procurement platform, net stock average decline 16% of the estimated cost savings of 290 million yuan.

(reporter Dai Xuan)

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