The boy came back and the boy had 0.1 eyes.

Boy right eye amusement park sight

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Shaoxing Mr. Gao's nine year old son right eye suddenly blurred , can only see the largest visual acuity chart of a line , he said, this with a local amusement park related . "

's" Oriental landscape park ", the right eye can not see the son

the son of Mr. more nine years old this year, in July 7th, he took the children to the Shaoxing District of Keqiao Oriental landscape park to play, the children go home after no what special circumstances. Until July 16th, the child said, right eye discomfort . Mr.

: "that is not clear. … …

" more and more of the right eye in the end how, reporters at the scene to do the test, blindfolded children left, the reporter gestures, to see whether the child is able to distinguish outstretched fingers with a few?

on the spot: (what is this?) … ….. (can you see that it is the palm?) Well! … (so this is a few fingers?) … … (see not clear words you want to say) can not see clearly … … (so?) Also can not see clearly …..

several times over and over again, with Mr. Gao said that the situation is similar, the more the current right eye, can see the outline of the object, can not see the details. parents impatient some understanding, July 7th in oriental landscape park, children's right eye is out of the question, until 16 to tell the parents.

Mr. Gao's son: "I thought it would be a good &hellip for a few days." (but not good, so you just tell mom?) Is … "


Mr. Gao doubt and" cottage "laser!

Mr. Gao said, in the East landscape park on the two floor there is a play project called laser cabin , he suspected the child's symptoms with this project about . He has a hand on the monitor, in this project, on both sides of the walls, emits a light, light between the shuttle in the child, Mr. Gao said, when the son of more and more fun, ran back and forth several times.

" Shaoxing Oriental landscape park security supervisor: "this project is tourists, if the laser emits a sound, bang sound, and then to avoid such &hellip laser;.."

's son: more and more high " I was close to a &hellip hole;. (why?) Is the curious ….. (there is no pull you ah?) No ah … … "

Mr. Gao:" (do you see the child?) He ran in front of me behind ah … … now there is no warning signs ah.. "

… the son of Mr. once more:" eye paste ….. "


is" laser house "has been shut down.

more and more said, when he was very close, not a few seconds, the right eye blurred. Mr. Gao told reporters that the laser monitoring is one side of the cabin entrance channel, and not to take a closer look at the child light emission hole details. Reporters to the eastern landscape park, can not enter the park, close look at this "laser hut" project.

Shaoxing Oriental landscape service department Liu: "after their complaints, the project was shut down, is currently not open …. But our project is qualified, have the certificate of … …

" more and more of the right eye in the end how, with the laser house Oriental landscape Never mind, Mr. Gao said, a few months after the incident, he took his son almost all over Shaoxing, Hangzhou, a large hospital in Beijing.


: right eye hospital diagnosis of laser induced macular hole

Mr. Gao took out a Peking Union Medical College Hospital certificate, increasingly diagnosed laser eye macular hole caused by , the diagnosis of several other hospitals, is also the macular hole. The second hospital of Zhejiang medical center of Ophthalmology director told reporters, in July, she became more and more.

" in the second hospital of Zhejiang Ophthalmic Center Deputy Director Fang Xiaoyun: "after macular hole is laser irradiation, because the macula is a light focusing, focusing in the fundus of the point, if the macular damage, vision will be serious fall, even blind ...

..." now more and more eye vision only 0.1, simple, can only see the word table on the largest vision. and last semester school report on the list, the more the vision is normal.

" Mr. Gao said, children have no injury, no basic diseases, so and doubt about the laser cabin. The second hospital of Zhejiang medical director said, macular hole causes more, but in older people. A similar situation is relatively rare, but not without, before a small friend was a laser pointer to the eye disease, but the injury is not so serious. Fang director of the more and more to come up with the fundus section, burn after the split hole is very obvious, has penetrated the. The second hospital of Zhejiang

Eye Center Deputy Director Fang Xiaoyun: "this laser shines into the eyes, because the laser generated heat, the macular according to laser burns, strength, and irradiation time, will produce different degrees of macular burns, if after surgery, most people will macular vision is closed, some people will to improve some, but if you want to return to the before, it is almost impossible for ...


..." Shaoxing Oriental Landscape Park Tourism Bureau details in the mediation of

for the event, Shaoxing Oriental landscape garden did not reveal too much, their current argument is given, and hope this matter resolved through legal channels second, the local tourism bureau and has been involved in the mediation, but no agreement.

Shaoxing Oriental landscape service department Liu: specifically asked the Tourism Bureau, they have been in the mediation of , the information we have given them … … and we also have a warning sign of … &hellip

; "Mr. Gao:" what is your specific warning that? What is the specific safety tips? "

Shaoxing Oriental landscape service department Liu:" this I am not very clear, because I have not seen the specific thing. "

… Oriental landscape park told reporters, Mr. Gao video on hand, they are not provided.

Shaoxing Oriental landscape park security supervisor: "he said to the police, is the ring fell there, to help the police check monitoring, and then he secretly took a video of …

." Mr. Gao: "you are such a big park, if I ask you to directly monitor, you will not give me …

." Shaoxing Oriental landscape park security supervisor: "he doesn't lose the ring …

." Mr. Gao: "(is it?) Is ….. "

to find the Keqiao Shaoxing Tourism Bureau, the relevant departments are not easy to accept the interview, but revealed that the two sides have held a number of coordination meetings, but the communication between the two sides is not smooth. At present, the eastern landscape park has refused to accept coordination, as the tourism bureau is powerless.