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Li Juan barefoot standing in wet slippery mud ground.

11 7, a female police barefoot in the muddy road on photos, netizens on micro-blog. In the photo, the uniformed female police walkie talkie, standing barefoot on the wet and slippery mud on traffic.

blogger @ winter Miss candy "with the text said:" I want to stay in the beautiful policewoman point praise for standing barefoot in the mud! "But there are users issued a question," how so miserable, where the shoes?

yesterday morning, the Chengdu Daily reporter saw the photos of the female police Li Juan in Xindu District Traffic Police Brigade squadron shibantan. For the behavior of the traffic at the time of the bare feet, Li Juan said, his shoes stuck in the mud, and then the road traffic congestion, it is necessary to have someone to ease.

shoes stuck in the mud

her barefoot traffic for more than an hour

Li Juan is 90, is a squadron of the police. 7 in the morning, she was assigned to the Shuangbai Shibantan Village Road cloud on duty, the road connecting Qingbaijiang and Xindu Shibantan, traffic flow, and recently began to half road construction, traffic congestion more than usual.

8:30 when there is jammed, two-way vehicles are in a way to grab. "Li Juan's mission is to divert the vehicle on one side of the road, directing the implementation of the road to two-way traffic. Rain on the eve of the

, let the construction of road muddy, traffic location just covered with mud, Li Juan just took a few steps, shoes, socks and trouser legs are stained with mud. It took a few steps, mud up to the ankles, big shoes too deep, a leg, shoes off. Walking shoes difficult, she simply put the shoes and socks, barefoot in the mud to divert traffic.

11 7 in winter, on the morning of Chengdu temperature is only 10 degrees Celsius, and barefoot in the cold ground, can be said to icy. But Li Juan said lightly, fortunately, not very cold, just walk barefoot up a little pain, no injuries. At that time is the early peak, if not timely guidance, the car will be more and more cards here, congestion will be more serious.

was a worker in the construction site recalled to reporters, Li Juan barefoot in the congested road running back and forth, until 10 in the morning before leaving, "said command for 1 hours". Period, there are passengers on the bus, said, "if you want to vote, I will give you two votes".

users praise

called "please give the police more understanding"

was just passing through the section of the netizen @ Miss Winter Candy "to see the scene, she took Li Juan barefoot on duty photos, and released on micro-blog. Photos, Li Juan barefoot in the intersection, holding a radio, is directing traffic.

on the Internet, Li Juan barefoot on the muddy road on the scene to allow many users to feel the scene, please give some understanding of the police, for the woman's point of praise. "Li Juan said the face of a piece of the praise, the situation at that time, the only way for the time, let the driver as soon as possible. Li Juan also said some feel shy, shoes off after the slope on the side of the road, the construction workers will also shoes got a spacious place, so as not to be buried in the construction over the earth. According to the traffic police brigade captain

Xindu District Shibantan squadron Luo Xuan, Shibantan squadron police, including a total of 24 people, usually responsible for 22 villages of the traffic duty, task squadron has been heavy, a total of 2 women, usually with male colleagues, to the line of duty. The day before on duty, do not know the rain the road will be full of mud, the road recently started construction, not ready, "usually encounter a rainy day, officers have special boots. Li Juan thing to let the team's colleagues are very touched, and later will be the same as Li Juan, better for the public to do a good job of traffic guidance. "(figure according to micro-blog net friend)

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