Apple: hurry to increase income for the first time started selling second-hand refurbished iPhone over the years

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Tencent technology news in 2016, Apple's performance into trouble, all the hardware to nearly 10% of the magnitude of the decline in revenue for the first time in more than and 10 years to shrink. Apple began to take a variety of measures to increase revenue. The latest move is the first time in nearly ten years the official selling mobile phone.

TheVerge, according to the U.S. technology news site

reported that about 2007, Apple had tried to sell refurbished phones, but then did not continue down, Apple's official website has not been refurbished mobile phone sales.

days ago, technology foreign media attention to Apple's official website to start selling refurbished phones, the price is cheaper than the new product 15%. For example, a refurbished 6S Plus iPhone (64GB flash), the retail price of $589, in addition to the silver version of the 6S Plus iPhone retail price of $529.

and the new mobile phone, mobile phone refurbished apple with one year warranty, another mobile phone internal configuration is a new lithium battery and the shell, the mobile phone is not unlocked, the user can go to the operators to purchase SIM card.

, according to reports, after Apple had publicly sold laptops, tablet PCs and various accessories in the official website, this is the first time in many years Apple sold refurbished phone.

as for the source of refurbished mobile phone, according to foreign media analysis, the mobile operators and Apple Corp in the United States have launched a iPhone upgrade plan, for example, users can pay a monthly fee, get a new iPhone, and in the coming year to upgrade the new Apple mobile phone, mobile phone can be sent back to the old, to understand a new mobile phone.

for mobile phone internal renovation backlog, apple used the replacement of mobile phone users for the warranty period for the renovation, the middle of this year, a Holland consumer sued apple, according to Holland law, if Apple provides equipment replacement, such as providing new products.

in addition, in the lower national purchasing power of the India market, Apple had planned to sell refurbished mobile phones, but this application was rejected by the government of India. Officials in India say will not support any mobile phone manufacturer selling used mobile phones in India. According to media analysis, second-hand mobile phone will affect the development of India's mobile phone manufacturing business (that is, the government launched the Mo Di India manufacturing plan), in addition to the interests of consumers.

need to point out that in China, India and many other countries, a large number of Apple's official retail sales are not also refurbished iPhone, apple refurbished machine has become a huge market.

Apple's current operating performance for CEO Cook is very negative, sales revenue in fiscal year 2016, there has been the first time since 2001 year on year decline. In addition all of Apple's hardware sales are in decline, there is no innovation products become the mainstay of saving the situation.

in order to expand revenue, Apple has recently launched a number of operators in many countries to pay the bill, allowing consumers to use iPhone calls to buy software store digital content and games. (general / dawn)

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