You have a monthly income of 5000, is the world's top 7% richest

Monthly rich global rent

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In fact, you are the nouveau riche

! You just don't know it all the time. Really, I didn't lie to you.

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: the bond market; "

"of the State Council recently issued clear, the implementation of property income source wrecker action, action to further reduce the income distribution order specification; moderate income tax at the same time, due to the high income tax regulation, blocking high incomes and informal income channels, play revenue adjustment function.

another informed media, a tax reform will be divided into three steps, the future of high-income groups from all sources of income will be included in the comprehensive income, and in order to statistics personal income tax. Annual income of more than 120 thousand yuan is known as high-income groups. In a tax reform in the short and medium term target stage, this type of crowd is the focus of the adjustment of the crowd.

a lot of people" in the circle of friends that can not be understood, after all, the annual income of 120 thousand even inner Shanghai can not afford to buy a toilet, watercress about guns are an annual salary of at least 300 thousand, is forced to know almost all young salary 500 thousand, why even if the annual income of 120 thousand high income groups, will be the focus of cut chives.

but also very reasonable, after all, the world is not just north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, Guangzhou Shenzhen in addition to the two or three line of the city, in addition to the two or three line of the city and the vast rural areas, while in China, there are many war-torn, even often starved countries.

Internet can not see, is the whole world.

has a website called Globalrichlist, at, enter your annual income or total wealth in it, it will give you the estimate you of all people around the world ranked position.

1, if your annual income of 120 thousand yuan

" if you can stabilize the year income 120 thousand yuan, then you in income is the global 6000th million billionaires, is about the world's top 1.04% state. this income in China's two or three tier cities means to eat, a taxi does not need too much about the price, while in Shanghai, Beijing means that if there is no support for parents, this life is almost no hope of getting too much.

in other words, less than 1% of the world's people can rely on their own strength in the North Canton deep buy a house.

2, if you pay 5000

a monthly salary of 5000 in China is a more subtle figure. big city white-collar salary is 5000, the small city clerk easier efforts to lobby manager salary is 5000. The former in the city almost to pay the rent must be very careful in reckoning to live in a small city, the latter generally had fairly moist.

in Beijing, Shanghai for many foreign students, if 1 years is not up to a monthly salary of more than 5000, the general will choose to leave, because if there is no by parents that day not too much, but if globally, you have a monthly income of 5000 is 7%, fourth of the world's richest million.

" however this is not what the eggs, because you almost can't save a penny, rent to pay 2000.

3, if you pay five hundred thousand, one million, one million, ten million...

let's look at the world of the rich.

if you like watercress about gun men, a year after the tax can be stably accounted for three hundred thousand words, you will be the world's top 0.1%, just enter the middle class threshold.

" if you know almost the same as the elite, a year after the tax can be stable accounted for one million, you will be the world's top 0.03%, which belongs to the very wealthy middle class in China.

" if the tax year can stabilize accounted for ten million words, you will be the world's top 0.003%, and this is just Beijing downtown Shanghai, the price of a house, in China is just entering the threshold of the rich class.

" to the world, like the general digital wealth has no meaning, so this is no longer listed.

although we often watch movies, television, or the Internet, the annual salary of millions, tens of millions of people, perhaps one hundred and twenty thousand of the annual income for them is not what. But if we go back to reality, go to the market, gas station, a small restaurant at , as long as we have a house, a monthly salary of ten thousand already can live very moist life, in fact, is the world's top 1% revenue.

you can earn 62 yuan per hour, at the same time, Garner, the African people can only earn 0.31 yuan per hour.

" in the top 1% in the world but our income, still can not afford housing, still might be homeless. had a real estate person even if what all don't do, wealth faster than us several times at the same time, people's daily also made comments that "the lost property more struggle, we will also" homeless, really want to write an article: "lost property Tucao struggle more and we will be homeless. "

but this is another story. The

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