The United States President trump turned out to slip back into tears Era

The United States Trump President once again

shenchouwanbao· 2016-11-09 15:26:36

" Shenzhen evening news commentator Zhang Ruoyu

the arrogant, Donald · Trump, won the U.S. presidential election.

liberal capitalism and the typical representative of the elite -- Hilary should cry in the toilet.

in the United States over the history of ghost wandering, once triggered the hand of the American Civil War, the United States once again tighten the neck.

240 temper years of American democracy, unable to curb the pace of new conservatism stride forward singing militant songs whether the United States, or the world, it is very meaningful turning moment. The United States since

9· open 11 since the events of the new conservatism in this journey, came to the historical turning point, declaring the United States structural right come full of. The United States

historic elitist rout, trampling the Trump doctrine of Xing Jue, is behind the populist or populist and look at fiercely as a tiger does The wind puffs the clouds away. Trump, hold high the red flag, not only the continental United States, but the entire world, this is an American style color revolution.

the world is Hilary, but after all, Trump. Class= img_box "

is the crisis gave Trump the opportunity, but also the crisis created a Hilary failure. Turbulent world, gloomy, despair, chill the chaos, the darkness of human nature, not only in the Middle East or West Africa, they still look so powerful in the United States, deeply rooted in the American voters panicked heart.

9· 11 events of the year, American democracy and civilization has experienced a profound transformation, the American middle class that had the nightmare of grief, not only did not flee, but has become history curse. The situation continues to deteriorate, and not in the good, the world's superpower by creating dreams, waking only just left the cold sweat dripping.

Obama shouted shouted "CHANGE" into the White House, but his CHANGE is not REVOLUTION, will help the presidency of American voters in 8 years, Obama is more like a speaker, not a politician or revolutionary.

and American voters need is a revolutionary, need a country for 240 years, completely different from the president, the need for a president like the president, even if he is a madman or a fool. Class= img_box "

Trump, the United States to meet the hearts of the new president of the United States for the majority of the imagination. His outspoken, reckless collision, harsh haughty, opinionated, like a wild man; but he anti elite, anti mainstream, anti political correctness, even against universal civilization's acting style, but also triggered a huge sense of curiosity and goodwill, he is the epitome of the new spirit of the United States and even grotesque world spirit.

American voters determined to give this a chance to save the real estate tycoon, driven to distraction of the United states.

but the United States is no longer in the glory of the past. President Trump, to a certain extent, is a result of the failure of the United States, destined to save America from the mud.

Trump won the election, marked the decline of the United States has been an established fact, means that American democracy has reached the limit, for the chaotic situation is no longer able to respond.

after a long time, American society will tear deep whirlpool, elite order and order would be a long-term confrontation between populism and normalization, Telangpuzhi under the United States, will enter the conservative era, and then produce a disruptive impact on the global order. Class= img_box "

"perview_img_p content_img_p" uncertainty, is Trump turned his head, leaving the world a bad laugh.

"like a world that is completely different from the past, what will be the face of the existence of. In such a world, we don't know where we're going to take us; we don't even know where we're going to take us. "World famous historian Hobsbawm bianlan in nineteenth Century after the rise and fall of the past, which is defined as an" extreme "".

however, the real extreme, but only just beginning.

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