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Chuan Pu was elected to the United States finally know that they are in decline

The United States Trump the Chinese people the reason why

bingyankandongya· 2016-11-09 19:57:26

" map: Trump

see the old ice circle of friends of friends all know the old ice has been very Trump, of course, the old ice certainly will not admit the reason is because Trump would be at the beginning of the year and a friend made a bet, bet is also very impressive, bet on Trump to win.

to be honest on Trump winning isn't what the old ice has an eye or other what, just because it was not Trump, no one is willing to bet on gambling and old ice, most people still don't believe Trump can win at the beginning of the year. While the old ice gambling, as long as you can bet, win or lose is another. Now Trump won, and the old ice bet will win. Of course, the old ice should be low-key, after all, lost the friend of the heart is not good.

said the United States is a big guide for their big head and most people have nothing to do, because in addition to the Americans have no votes. But

has nothing to do just this, the president of the United States is the most powerful man in the world, his actions will affect the world, so the world watched the US presidential election results is very normal, from the perspective of the U.S. presidential election and everyone "".

in the end, Trump won.

so that the United States to replay the drum another opening, an ally of the United States who have to retype the other drums opened to everyone.

but Trump really should win: Americans have not done anything big bad ah, Trump why not win? Trump is the only choice for the American people to make a choice, to say a sweet and greasy positive energy: the choice of history, the people's choice". In almost all known as the "uncrowned king" of the media

Americans were against Trump in Wall Street against Trump, in Trump's campaign funds are far less than the case of Hilary still voted for Trump.

old ice love said "what what" God, when writing the Japanese Army history and the history of the Japanese Navy said several times "God bless China, see the U.S. presidential election results could not help but to say" God bless America "(God bless America).

Trump in the election of the internal and foreign policy that the content seems outdated and not operational, but the key is that Trump saw the current reality of the United States to face and say it out.

the United States face the reality is that although the United States is still the world's first superpower, but the United States is beyond all doubt decline.

Hilary on behalf of the American establishment elite only saw the first half and insist refused to admit after half, of course it is half American after the establishment elite scrapped in this decade, not to go to the Middle East George W. Bush sell adorable, the strength of the United States is still not so consumed by now even in the Middle East can not afford to maintain permanent duty carrier.

and the Democratic establishment this time. What "return to Asia", is not to count the ship in his pocket and there is no enough money to buy the ticket to return to asia. The Freedom of navigation (freedom of navigation operations, FONOPs) operations, it is said that each day to burn 6 million 500 thousand dollars, only occasional, sustainable or not actually to start this action in the South China Sea has become a huge burden on the United States: do not continue to become a joke, for it, money come from?

as for the hope of Japan or Australia, it can only be explained that the establishment of the brain into the water.

change the body of the brain is not the same everywhere, the United States is the establishment of the school is also like this, always thought it was 20 years ago, or 10 years ago, the United States, in fact, the United States is now the United States.

now the United States has been unable to expand the inability to expand, can only shrink, Trump advocated the contraction. Trump claims it is the home to escape due to the continuous bleeding can lead to bleeding, rational utilization in the future again, if there is a future.

Trump's ideas can save the United States who do not know, but Hilary represented the establishment faction claims impossible is no doubt, because the control of the United States in twenty years is in the establishment of the under Hunzhao and now the one who will not take him as the point of the dish, and then continue to on the U.S. will definitely lead to a loss of blood and die because of chronic bleeding.

of course, who do not know whether it can be that Trump came to power after the implementation, won the Trump in the coming days will not be better than the term, because of the stubborn establishment are too hostile to him. The Washington establishment home vote is simply horrible: Trump took only 4%, that is to say the Trump white house if nothing out for a walk, meet almost everyone is against him.

but this is not the establishment of School of common sense out of Trump's move came more bizarre, anyway, from now on the United States since Christopher Trump to pray, and maybe even some way out, can't stand Trump really is a dead end.

repeat one thing: the presidential election of the United States is really very bad low, even the Japanese and German Foreign Minister of the Allied establishment faction chiefs will not stand, for the election in the United States looking for a reason to applaud straight man almost all the text is simplified Chinese characters.

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Chuan Pu was elected to the United States finally know that they are in decline

Chuan Pu was elected to the United States finally know that they are in decline