Today, this is called "Wisesoft" A magic pull up

Kira Trump rose stock

huaerjiejianwen· 2016-11-09 22:10:19

A shares will be born the magic of logic. Trump

Donald, it was called "Trump", there are a lot of people simply call it "Chuan pu". In the media reported that he was ahead of the two key swing states, the global stock market crash, the Shanghai index fell more than 1% in early trading. And A shares of this stock but the magic rose more than 6% at one time, it is called: Kawashio Zhisheng.

" is the company's main business: software, hardware and supporting system, system integration and image engineering, engaged in security product production and sales and security engineering design and construction; building intelligent engineering design and construction; Electronic Engineering Electronic Engineering; electronic and telecommunication products production and sales of … … etc..

and other stocks, have been released along with the results of the election, it is almost the limit, it is called Xiyi shares (aunt Hilary?)...

"trump king" through at the same time, the Canadian immigration official website collapse. Class= img_box "content_img_p" id= "id_imagebox_2" style= "" class= =''>


said that China star Jolin as early as in ago James Trump for the White House: DT in the house (Donald Trump in the White House?

also said Yiwu &hellip &hellip have eternal life;

said that the United States and the United Kingdom is the brothers in the game, to see who will have to self mutilation, and Britain is back in Europe one step ahead of the referendum.

" and describe the current election is this:

" in addition, the first female justice minister Janet Reno (Clinton term) said, "Trump when the president will never in my the rest of life". But she died in November 7th (yesterday).

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