Hengda control Vanke shares or over 10%

Hengda Vanke shares Hong Kong exchange

xinlangcaijing· 2016-11-09 22:10:43

Sina Financial News in November 8th, according to financial news, Hengda control Vanke shares or over 10%.

Langfang development in October 30th announcement, hang more than in October 28th to 558 million yuan of its own funds holdings of 19 million shares, representing 5% of the total share capital of the company. After the changes in equity, Langfang Hengda total holdings of 76 million 30 thousand shares, accounting for 20% of its total share capital, to return to the position of the largest shareholder. According to sources close to the Langfang Hengda Hengda placards said, after the discovery of this shell has a lot of problems, so they turned to shenshenfang. But now Hengda obviously is walking on two legs. "

one Hengda disclosed holdings Vanke A shares in August 15th, Vanke A announced that Chinese Hengda acquired 753 million shares of China Vanke A shares in the market through its Affiliated Companies, the shareholding ratio of 6.82%, the total purchase price of 14 billion 570 million yuan.

from mid August so far, China's holdings of Vanke Vanke A0.18% quietly. According to Vanke A three quarterly disclosure of the total shares of the company 11 billion 40 million shares, since August 15th, Chinese Hengda holdings of 19 million 870 thousand shares.

Hengda shopping spree Vanke A, mainly concentrated in the 7 time this year, August. In August 4th this year, China's acquisition of 517 million shares of shares in the market Vanke A shares, holding the proportion of 4.68%, the total price of 9 billion 100 million yuan.

as of October 28th, Hengda shareholding Vanke 7%, compared to the middle of August, the proportion of 6.82% stake, an increase of 0.18%. According to HKEx latest data, Ltd. Lixin capital management headquarters in Hongkong (Nexus Capital Management Limited) holds 152 million shares of China Vanke shares, accounting for about 11.54% shares, the total share capital of 1.37%; Ding Pei securities holdings limited, Vanke H shares about 78000000 shares, accounting for about 5.96% of the total share capital of 0.71% shares. The two together accounted for more than 2% of the total share capital of vanke.

above A+H total, Hengda and related party Holdings has more than 9%. In addition, according to the new financial understanding, Zheng Jiachun family also buy Vanke A shares, but due to the dispersion of ownership, the specific situation is not known.

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