TOYOTA City: an industry how to prop up a city?


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Japan, a land area of only 1/25 of the United States, but has exceeded the level of its status of the automotive industry. Japan has many because of the car and the growth, the famous city, the most prominent is the headquarters of the TOYOTA car - TOYOTA city. Since 1938, TOYOTA automobile factory, TOYOTA began to become the automobile industry as the core development of industrial city, around the TOYOTA automobile tailored support services, TOYOTA automobile in the process of globalization strategy to push forward, still firmly rooted in the city of TOYOTA, is an example of the perfect integration of industry and city.

"koromo" disappeared TOYOTA city rise of as a sister city Motor City Detroit, Japan TOYOTA city is rare in the world because of a car brand and renamed the city, it is also known as the "Oriental many Detroit". In the early Edo period, this area was called "koromo". "Koromo" and the sericulture long ago, here all over, but by twentieth Century, sericulture industry gradually decline, the local economic downturn, even once called abandoned koromo". However, the arrival of the TOYOTA car not only to the city has brought vitality, has gradually become the soul of the city. In 1938, TOYOTA automobile to "koromo" from the textile factories, a small manufacturer of mechanism for the development of today's automotive industry leader. Just over 20 years, the mother of the local economy and TOYOTA integration, becoming a single enterprise city. Although there are many large factories in Japan, where there are business city, Panasonic is located in Osaka City, making Hitachi really the birthplace of Ibaraki county city of Hitachi, and large enterprises of the rise and fall of a single enterprise city in Japan is not what rare thing, but to the enterprise name but a city only TOYOTA city this one. Today, the land property rights registration reads "TOYOTA, TOYOTA, the first" numbers, namely TOYOTA Corporation is located.

" TOYOTA Museum in the last century at the beginning of 80s, compared with the other car manufacturer TOYOTA has not shown much advantage. Back in TOYOTA's growth, the Japanese manufacturer is a step by step to improve competitiveness, a little bit of the gap between the narrow and competitors. In 70s, compared to General Motors in the United States market share, TOYOTA is only 3%, 90s to 8%, 2000 reached 9% in 2006, TOYOTA's market share of the first to two digits, 13%. And Toyota Corporation in 2012 to beat the biggest competitor General Motors Corporation, worldwide sales of 9 million 700 thousand units to regain the world's annual sales champion. This gradual and steady development not only to the company step by step to the world's automobile manufacturers giant, but also firmly firmly in the foundation of every inch of land in the city of TOYOTA. 12 domestic factories of TOYOTA are all arranged in Aichi county. Among them, 7 factories in the city of TOYOTA, the rest of the arrangements in the west of the three town and the neighboring town. according to statistics, the city of TOYOTA engaged in the manufacturing sector of the population of about 88 thousand people, of which more than 8 are TOYOTA or other and auto production related parts and components factory staff. The whole city and the surrounding areas are closely linked with the Toyota Corporation. The salaries of Toyota Corporation staff have become the main source of income for local restaurants and shops.

" Toyota Corporation building infrastructure "TOYOTA sneezes, TOYOTA, the economy will collapse. "TOYOTA market has played such an analogy. TOYOTA has 70% of the population is TOYOTA group of relevant personnel. The city's revenue in about 30% of the TOYOTA car payment. From 1937 to 2001, TOYOTA Group donated to the city of TOYOTA reached 2 billion 900 million yen. In TOYOTA City, crown Toyota Corporation building in TOYOTA city everywhere, TOYOTA TOYOTA TOYOTA saddle pool city hall, memorial hall, Memorial Hospital, TOYOTA TOYOTA Sports Center, TOYOTA co op … … they are welfare and health staff for TOYOTA automobile built facilities, but also open to the public. "parent"

" TOYOTA hall from 1959 to change the city's moment, the Aichi prefecture city indicates that coexists with TOYOTA this enterprise. So far, the fate of TOYOTA and Toyota Corporation linked to interest rates. For decades, the city of Japan, which has a population of 420 thousand, has been a technology business card for the Japanese manufacturing industry ". Local residents are proud to Toyota Corporation. In view of such a dependency relationship, the city has long been known as the Toyota Corporation of the". Even if TOYOTA has grown into a world-class car companies, TOYOTA is still regarded as the TOYOTA City, according to the TOYOTA. According to TOYOTA said, no matter how long the time in Tokyo, TOYOTA's ministers would take around the home in TOYOTA on the market, or at least is not far away from the city of Nagoya TOYOTA. This has become an unwritten rule. "Because if you don't, you don't feel like TOYOTA. "TOYOTA hall in TOYOTA Cho No.1 TOYOTA headquarters, with a tour of the facilities, hotels, clubs and other staff. In addition to the establishment of a review of TOYOTA's history of TOYOTA saddle pool memorial hall, also to the primary and secondary schools and various social groups to visit. TOYOTA 1 Cho has become a parent Toyota Corporation of all employees "". "car city" also to limit the car consumption TOYOTA is not a "Walker's paradise", in order to promote environmental protection, convenient transportation, the Japanese government introduced a large number of restrictions on automobile consumption policy. TOYOTA city can not be outside. But represented by TOYOTA motor car giant brand in the global auto market has long been famous in Japan, they are constantly looking for the automobile society momentum balance law.

" in Japan a parking lot parked on the roof of the vehicle, and seven or eight square meters of space in the SUV is looked as the acme of perfection. Because Japan's land area is small, almost every piece of land than gold. Parking issues for TOYOTA is concerned, it has become a big difficult. In general, there should be a corresponding residential parking, but this is to charge, in the center of the city of TOYOTA and vehicles crowded places, and even by hours or minutes to billing. According to statistics, in the first half of 2010, Japanese cars, trucks and buses (excluding mini cars) sales of 1 million 800 thousand, down 10.5%. Even so, governments at all levels are considering how to control the continued increase in car ownership. The most worth mentioning is the use of tax leverage to regulate the number of car sales. It is understood that Japanese in the purchase of cars, in addition to like other commodities to pay 5% of the consumption tax, but also pay the automobile acquisition tax, vehicle weight tax and vehicle tax, while in the car also need to pay the fuel tax.

Japan's domestic market car sales fell year by year. The first half of 2007 has dropped to the lowest level since 1977, "of course, for the reputation of the TOYOTA car, this is not a problem, because China market and sales in the North American market to promote its potential in the global automotive industry to maintain profit leading. "One TOYOTA employee said.

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TOYOTA City: an industry how to prop up a city?