Trump does not urge Yellen to resign

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huaerjiejianwen· 2016-11-10 10:08:20

" Trump's economic adviser Judy Shelton said on Wednesday that President Trump does not seek Federal Reserve Chairman Yellen to resign, but in view of the recent market volatility, or he will put pressure on the.

the "Wall Street journal" quoted Trump's economic adviser Trump Shelton said, and not urged Yellen to resign, but in Yellen after his term expires in February 2018, Trump nominated Yellen as not nominated, but other candidates. Shelton added, "he is saying he wants to find a way to fit in with his own. "

Shelton this review is more than six months ago, Trump's position has changed. Trump said at the time, he does not think Yellen in the Fed's work is bad, but at the end of his term, he will seek to nominate a Republican who served as the post.

during the campaign, Trump is a number of high-profile attacks repeatedly Yellen, questioned the independence of the federal reserve. He said that Yellen should be ashamed of yourself is the United States to do things, and that Yellen will keep interest rates at a low level, with obvious political inclination to create false prosperity, its purpose is to decorate the Obama office.

fact, market analysts believe that Yellen will not be ahead of departure, no Federal Reserve chairman leaves early historical precedent, nor any breach of privilege to replace a president of the United States Federal Reserve Chairman precedent.

Wall Street knowledge mentioned earlier, Citigroup believes that the possibility of Yellen in the current term not to resign. At the same time, Yellen had a strong opposition to the Fed's political trend, it is difficult because of the outbreak of the election during the Fed's opposition to make the appropriate compromise. As the new president of the United States, Trump will not spend political capital to allow Yellen to step down in advance.

however, Citigroup also pointed out that after Trump took office, Yellen is almost impossible to re-election. Once Yellen is unable to get re elected in 2018, it is likely that she will choose to leave the Federal Reserve Board as well as the former chairman of the Federal Reserve. Yellen, the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board should be completed by the end of January 31, 2024.

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